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            Editorial Board                                                     Lifestyle

                              Advisors                                          14
                           Agnes Lam
                         Martin Wong
                                                                                Blind Box Fever
                             Publisher                                          Introducing blind box and the craze
                            Francis Lee                                                                   behind.

                      Editor-in-Cheif                                                         18
                           Sarah Ryou
                                                                                Rolling With the K-wave
                 Managing Editors                                               While COVID-19 put brakes on travel,
                         Savoki Zhang                                               cross-border sales and concerts,
                           Laurissa Liu                                            in Hong Kong, fans and business
                      Patricia Ricafort                                         operators do not see the local K-pop

                         Art Director                                                             craze stemmed.
                           Agnes Lam        Periscope  22

                 Electronic Editors
                         Bonita Wong
                           Alice Wang

                 PR and Marketing                                               A Noise Lullabuy
                                                                                     People suffering from sleeping
                               Officers     4
                        Kassandra Lai                                               problems listen to ASMR to help
                       Charleen Chen                                                              them fall asleep.
                          Shell Zhang
                                            Fitness Classes Going               Our Community
        About Varsity                       Online

                                            Coaches face difficulties when doing                         24
        Varsity is an award-winning
                                            online fitness classes during the
        magazine created for the tertiary
        students and faculty of Hong Kong.                                      Sex in the City
        It is written, edited and designed by                         10          Couples in Hong Kong are finding
        students in the School of Journalism                                        space to get intimate with their
        and Communication at The Chinese                                                                 partners.
        University of Hong Kong. The word   Struggling to Workout a
        ‘varsity’ like university, means    Way
        pertaining to higher education.      Challenges faced by the fitness and
                                                             coaching industry.
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