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      Dilemma Faced by                   Lost in Translation                 eliminating the earth’s plastic waste.
      Young Gays in China
                                              Chinese as a Second Language                  60
       Young gays in China are struggling
                                            learners struggle to learn Chinese
          whether to tell their parents the
                                               under the current curriculum.  It’s Never too Old to
                                 truth…                                      Start a Trip
                 30                      48                                    been travelling alone and covered
                                                                                Su Min, a 57-year-old woman, has
                                         Christian Music
                                         Connecting With the                          over 10,000 km since 2020.

      Meet Doctors Online                City                                64
              Telemedicine has become a        Christians are integrating into
         more common practice in recent     today’s society with their “Made in
         years, owing to  COVID-19 and its       Hong Kong” worship songs. Travel With Locals
                           convenience.                                        Travel Vlogger Zhang Junqi wants
      34                                 People                                 to show people a different way of
                                                                                 travelling -- making friends with
      are we? Where to go? 52                                                                           locals.
      China Podcast: Where

      While 2020 was marked as a banner                                      Photo Feature
       year for China Podcast, the industry  Redefining Feng Shui
          remains niche and faces heavier  With Fashion

                             censorship.   Feng shui expert Thierry Chow Yik-                       68
                                          tung shares how she brings fashion
                       40                     about her feng shui philosophy.  Buy What You Love
                                             and feng shui together and talks

                                                                             Collecting anime goods has become
                                                                                 more and more popular among
                                                                                 young people in China recently.
      Can Art Really Go                                         56           Varsity’s choice
      Online?                            From a Lifetsyle to a

        Local artists and art organizations   Career                                       75
       are taking creative ways to adapt to
                                           Paul Lin shares his commitment to
         the virtual realm under COVID-19                                    A New Notion For Your
        pandemic, but some fear that joys,                                   Life
      experiences, and transactions of the                                        Branding itself as an “all-in-one
        art world are hard to replicate on-                                      workspace”, Notion is a tool that
                                screen.                                       helps users organise and keep track
                                                                                           of their work and life.
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