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                                                                             then reopened three times since the
                                                                             beginning of the pandemic to reduce
           People are not willing to pay for some-                           infection risk.
                                                                                On December 8, 2020, the govern-
                     thing they can get for free.                            ment ordered the closure of all gyms

                                                                             and sports venues starting from De-
                                                                             cember 10.
                                                                                The facilities and venues were al-
                                                                             lowed to reopen on February 18,
                                                                             2021, under the condition that full-
      need to make a lot of effort. But you  you ask them to add more weight,
      receive very little in return. It is hard  they may not listen,” he adds.   time staff are required to do manda-
      to make profit,” he says.             “We also need to take care of their   tory testing every two weeks. Visitors
        Lee adds that it is difficult to make  safety, but we cannot make sure of   are required to scan the QR code with
      money through online classes. He be-  that through online classes. If they get   the “Leave Home Safe” app or provide
      lieves one of the reasons is fierce com-  hurt, we cannot physically help them,”   their personal information to facili-
      petition.                          he says.                            tate tracking in case an infection is re-
                                                                             ported at these centres.

                Closure periods of fitness facilities during the pandemic

            1st period of closure                      March 28, 2020 - May 8, 2020

            2nd period of closure                     July 13, 2020 - September 4, 2020

            3rd period of closure               December 10, 2020 - Feburary 18, 2021


        “During the pandemic, there are     Hong Kong has been struggling       Cheung Koon-tung, a member of
      many YouTubers who provide in-     to contain the spread of COVID-19  the Hong Kong Fitness and Combat
      formation on fitness and exercise for  since the first case was reported in  Sports Alliance, shares Lee’s thoughts.
      free. People are not willing to pay for  January 2020. The government an-  With the re-opening of fitness fa-
      something they can get for free,” Lee  nounced social distancing measures  cilities, Cheung thinks that resuming
      explains. “YouTubers also have a lot  to combat the pandemic. Gyms and  physical classes is better than doing
      of resources, so it is hard to compete  other fitness facilities have closed and  online classes. “There is more equip-
      with them,” he says.
        The coach and most of his students
      prefer physical interaction.
        “When having online classes, I am
      restricted by students’ cameras. It is   We also need to take care of their safety,
      very difficult to see their whole bodies
      and  help  them  improve  their  form,”   but we cannot make sure of that through
      says Lee, who has been working as a
      coach since he was 18.                                    online classes.
        “Some beginners may refuse to fol-
      low instructions. For example, when
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