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            I am doing it il-

              legally. I must

             sneak into stu-

            dents’ homes on

           weekends. I dare

           not to tell anyone

                about this.


        ments of elite school admission are
        getting higher,” Zhang says.       Tutoring is only allowed on weekdays with a limited number of hours.
           Private tutors are also badly affect-
        ed by the policy. However, it is hard
        for the government to monitor indi-  cut.                              a good job,” Vickers adds.
        vidual tutoring. Some private tutors   “My friends who worked as private   He believes that the “double reduc-
        continue to coach students, although  tutors lost their jobs as well. It’s the  tion” policy will also have a negative
        they will be punished by the Ministry  policy from the ‘top’ (government),  influence on the economy in general,
        of Education of the People’s Republic  we have no say,” he adds.       especially for foreign investors.
        of China if someone reported them.     Edward Vickers, professor of the   “It is also a signal for investors.
           Liu Guodong, 28, has been work-  Department of Education at Kyushu  Now everyone wants to pull out. Just
        ing in the education industry as a  University believes that  the  “double  like the ‘double reduction’ policy…
        private tutor for four years. He has  reduction” policy will not tackle root  it happened overnight without any
        become underemployed due to the  problems.                             signs. Investing in China will face
        “double reduction” policy.             “Tutoring may happen in people’s  some kinds of risks because certain
           “I used to teach 40 hours per week.  homes and can be paid in cash. The  industries can be suddenly cracked
        But now I can only teach three hours  government won’t be able to track  down,” Vickers says.
        a week. And I am doing it illegally. I  these consumptions. The mom might
        must sneak into students’ homes on  quit her job to coach their children at
        weekends. I dare not to tell anyone  home. That will bring even more fi-
        about this,” he says.               nancial pressure on this family,” Vick-     Edited by Coco Zhang
           The computer science major grad-  ers explains.                       Sub-edited by Charlie Yip &
        uate is now teaching one on one les-   “The Chinese government is only                       Gloria Wei
        sons with middle school students in  dealing with the symptom but not the
        Foshan, a city in Guangdong province.  causes. The main reason for the prob-
           Liu’s income dropped by 80 per  lem is a sense of insecurity. The num-
        cent after the government introduced  ber of well-paid jobs is limited in the
        the new policy to crack down on pri-  Chinese economy. People are getting
        vate tutoring. He cannot afford to pay  so desperate hence they rely on their
        his mortgage due to the massive pay  child to go to a good university to find
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