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Irene Lam

Jardine House is famous for its circular windows.

Circles in life

Photos & text by
Irene Lam & Dionne Yuen

A circle is defined as a space enclosed by a curved line every point of which is the same distance from the centre.

The shape is a prominent feature of our daily lives.

Coins, watches, clocks, compact discs and streetlights are examples.

There is a reason that so many things are circular in shap.

First, a circle provides smoothness. Doorknobs and handrails have curved surfaces, allowing people hold onto them comfortably.

Second, a circle minimises friction. It would be difficult for vehicles or bicycles to move without wheels.

Third, a circle makes rooms. It is the basic concept behind the interior designs of some plazas. The circular designs create not only the illusion that the plazas are spacious, but also make them better places to shop around.

Yet, while Hong Kong people are rushing to and fro and bustling about their workplaces, few of them must notice the circles around them.

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Irene Lam

a pile a battery cells

Dionne Yuen

Dionne Yuen

Oranges, the staff of life.
Irene Lam
a glass
Dionne Yuen
marbles under sunlight

Dionne Yuen

Chinese lantern

Dionne Yuen

bicycle wheel