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What program would you add to existing university programs in Hong Kong?

Photos by Tramy Heung, Natalie Yau, Sam Ho, Timothy Ser, Wingki Kwok, Arith Leung

Reported by Phoebe Wong, Shirley Lai, Dennis Chong, James Chen, Wingkie Tang, Eric Leung

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Franco Chung Lingnan Translation Year 1

Football. Playing football is popular. Both boys and girls should study it.

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May Lee
HKBU Communications Year 1

Moral education. Students could learn how to deal with their love affairs.

Karrie Li
City U Computing Maths Year 2

Dance. Learning different dances would enhances cultural exchanges.

Queenie Tong
HKU Civil Engineering Year 1

Physical education. Students in Hong Kong lack physical training.

Shirley Wong
HKPU Fashion & Textile Year 2

Kindergarten education. The quality of kindergarten education is too low.

Chi Tang CUHK
Pure Mathematics Year 2

Human relations. Students have problems in getting along with others.

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