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Diversity in film productions

I would like to express my opinions on the film industry in Hong Kong. In fact, as a film lover, I would like to see more diversity in film production. Remember that about 2 years ago, there was a "horror movie trend" brought on by a Japanese production. Intending to benefit from the trend, huge numbers of horror productions were produced during that period. It was a terrible phenomenon. The success of one particular production doesn't mean that movies of that kind would all have success. Different producers should have different characters and style. It is no use following others' productions. Otherwise, audiences are deprived of the right to choose their favourites.

I am glad to see that there are many film producers in Hong Kong who are sincere and putting much effort in the development of the film industry. Many of their productions are not of high production cost. They might not use big movie stars or high-tech audio-visual effects. However, a large number of audiences are attracted because of their creativity in crafting the plot and the charm of the characters.

Many producers would say that people are now inclined to buy VCDs because they are much cheaper. I would say, as a film lover, I do not mind paying a higher price to watch a movie if the production is really good. I would also say that following trends is not the way to survive in the industry and is not the way to produce good films.

Name withheld by request
Ma On Shan

Hostel life

I am writing in response to the article "New dorm in progress" in the November issue of Varsity[P. 10]. As a student from Shaw College, I am glad that my hostel is a nice one. The facilities are well maintained and the staff are very helpful. As a matter of fact, hostel life is very important to a student. While a nice dormitory provides a better study environment, hall life can also enhance students' social skills.

Living with roommate is a very different experience from living with families. Through this experience, students can probably learn to be tolerant and considerate. Students can also learn to be independent. At the same time, students can have much greater freedom to develop their own lifestyles and interests without the interference of parents.

I consider hostel life is particularly important for single child. A single child is more likely spoiled by parents. At the same time, he or she may lack experience in living and sharing with peers because he or she does not have brothers or sisters. Therefore, a single child can benefit a lot from hostel life.

It is good news that new dormitory is going to be built in New Asia College. I hope that more hostel places can be provided so that more students can share this precious experience.

But apart from building a new dormitory, I think the college should pay more attention to maintainence. A few hostels on the campus have been refurbished recently. I think money spend on refurbishment is worthy.

Name withheld by request

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