Answer Man

'If you had another pair of eyes,
which part of the body would u like them to be on?'

City U Ng Chun Tah
City U
Year 2
   I would like to have them at the back of my head. It would be safer, for I could see both the front and the back.
CUHK Tam Siu Hong
Year 2
   I'd put them at the back of my head, if I were bald.
HKU Joanne Ma
Year 1
   I'd like one to be at the back of my head and one to be on the top as it would be more convenient. I would not need to turn my head anymore.
HKUST So Tsuag Nam
Year 2
Computer Engineering
   To have them at the back of my head would be a good idea. It would be safer that way, since no one could attack me suddenly.
HKPU Chan Chi Keung
Year 2
Manufacturing Engineering
   I would put them on my forehead because I want to remind myself to head forward and never look back and regret.
HKBU Edward Kam
Year 1
   I would prefer having them at the back of my head, so my friends could not trick me by sticking things on my back.

Reported by Teeny Chiu, Wayne Leung, Chi-ha Chan, Lisa Wong, Irene Chow, Chloris Ho
Photos by Christine Au, Dawn Chan, Samantha Wong, Annie Yeung, Sally Tse, Vivian To

November 1997

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