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January 1999


From the editor

Abortion and Choice


When the Clock Strikes Twelve
If you wonder what is going to happen on the eve of the year 2000, Varsity gives you some clues.


"If you could make a person vanish ever after, who would that be?"


Safe sex always -- know more about it
Sex is no longer a taboo to youngsters nowadays. An understandng of 'safesex' promises a healthy sex life.

Common ways of contraception
Birth control pills, male condom, emergency contraception, diaphragm cervical cap and spermacides. Varsity gives you a detail profile of each of them.

Social Issues

Pleasure from sex -- Pressure from sex
Visiting prostitutes may sound evil to you. Yet they are popular, even among university students.

They gamble too -- University students are no exception
Gambling is viewed as a bad habit by the society. It is thus not desirable for university students to gamble as they are seen as elites of the society. However, some university students think that it is alright to gamble.

Is cannabis that evil?
Cannabis is used to make the drug marijuana. At the same time, it has other alternative uses. Whether cannabis should be used for different purposes often attracts heated discussion.


Students' paradise: Hotel-style hostel
Before you say that all university hostels are dirty and inconvenient, take a look at hotel-style hotels at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Photo Features

Flying high...
On November 15, 1998, Clear Water Bay was turned into anart musemun. The RegCo '98 Sand Sculpture Competition was held there, attracting many local and foreign participants.

Creativity brings victory -- the RegCo '98 Sand Sculpture Competition
The January issue features the RegCo 1998 Sand Sculpture Competition. On Novmember 15, 1998, Clearwater Bay is crowded with sand-sculpture-lovers and tourists. This competition is launched every year and it attracts many local and foreign sand sculptors every year.


An unusual Class -- Improvising Drama
Young actors now find alternative ways to create drama. Improvisation is one of them.

Art site in Sheung Wan
Parasites may be harmful. Para/Site may, however, enrich your cultural life. Take a look at Para/Site, a space for local independent artists to express their ideas.


Flying high!
Flying high in the sky freely by yourself is no longer a dream. It is neither a priviledge of the wealthy. Ordinary people like you and me can also have a real taste of freedom in the sky.

Take a Break!
Bored by daily mundane?
Fed up with fast food?
Squeezed by the pressuring city life?
Escaping to the Bookworm Cafe and the Deaf Cafeteria -- the Modern Shangrila -- may be your way out.


bee buuu, bee buuu... -- Rescuers in calamities
Although they are not showmen, ambulance men are indeed heroes of our society.


A boat man's life in a typhoon shelter
The owner of a floating restaurant in Castle Peak Roach Typhoon Shelter tells the story of the shelter and its residents.

A female chief in the village
Just another village chief: Miss Lily Cheung, previously studied abroad in Canada, tells her life as a village chief in the New Territories.

Celebrity Corner

Deconstructing Leung Kwok Hung
"Anti-Beijing", "anti-capitalism" and "pro-democracy";
"Activist", "revolutionist", "Marxist" and "veteran protester".
All the above are impressions most Hong Kong people have towards Leung Kwok Hung. Constantly seeing him on the front page with a clenched fist, do you really know what kind of a person he is?

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