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                                                                             thinks that online fitness classes will
                                                                             continue in the future. “I have told my
                                                                             students to film clips of them exercis-
                                                                             ing at home as I do, so I can use them
                                                                             in the future for teaching,” Chow says.
                                                                               The  lecturer  believes  that  people
                                                                             of  this  generation  should  be  more
                                                                             open-minded and try to explore dif-
                                                                             ferent ways of exercising. She suggests
                                                                             coaches could think of different kinds
                                                                             of exercises  that can  be done  eas-
                                                                             ily and safely at home, such as body-
                                                                             weight training, circuit training and
                                                                             high-intensity interval training.
                                                                               Chow also encourages coaches to
                                                                             exercise with students during lessons.
                                                                             The lecturer says coaches can provide
                                                                             feedback and instructions during the
       Cheung Koon-tung is a representative of the Hong Kong Fitness         process to motivate students.
                          and Combat Sports Alliance
                    (Photo courtesy of Cheung Koon-tung)
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      pay HK$70,000 a month for rent with
      profits he made earlier on.
        After Tsang’s rock-climbing cen-
      tre  was  allowed  to re-open,  his rev-
      enue has still not returned to the level
      during the period before the closure.
      “Our revenue has dropped by around
      25 per cent. We have fewer students
      now than we used to have,” Tsang says.
        Despite this, Tsang has no desire to
      do online classes. “The difficulties of
      doing online classes remain. Now that
      we can re-open, we plan to hold more
      physical classes,” he says.
        Chow Chi-ngan, an assistant lec-
      turer from the Department of Sport
      Science and Physical Education of the
      Chinese University of Hong Kong, be-
      lieves that online coaching may lead
      to undesirable effects for students.
        “When training lessons are on-
      line, instructions may be unclear and
      leads to exercising with improper
      technique. Coaches cannot monitor
      students and they may get injured,”
      Chow explains.                            Tsang Put-long is the owner of a rock-climbing facility
        Despite the difficulties,  Chow                   (Photo courtesy of Tsang Put-long)
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