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          Shun Lee Yue-shun (Lower row middle) attended a press conference in mid-January 2021 with fitness
               industry representatives to talk about the difficulties the industry was facing at that time.
                                         (Photo courtesy of Shun Lee Yue-shun)
           The government  announced the
        Leisure and Cultural Service Depart-
        ment (LCSD) indoor sports venues           But the officials did not accept our
        would be reopened on February 18,
        2021.                                     views ... and they did not listen to us
            “A majority of our classes are using
        LCSD venues. We are still working on                              at all.
        booking these venues. We hope that
        about 70 to 80 per cent of our classes
        will resume in March,” he says.
           “Our coaches and I are very happy
        about the reopening of LCSD venues.
        This makes us feel hopeful and we
        have regained our motivation to work
        hard,” he adds.
           But Siu is still uncertain whether
        secondary and primary schools will
        reopen their venues for volleyball
           “I have lost my main source of in-
        come as a volleyball coach during the
        pandemic. I need to take up jobs like
        working as a private coach or a substi-
        tute teacher in secondary and primary
        schools,” says Siu, who organises vol-  Yeung Chi-yin (Upper row, first from left) attending a press confer-
        leyball class for schools and adults.   ence with fitness industry representatives and politicians in when
           His monthly income dropped from           to voice out their grievances during the pandemic.
        HK $50,000 before the pandemic to                    (Photo courtesy of Yeung Chi-yin)
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