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        ment at gym centres, so fitness train-
        ing can be conducted in a more all-
        rounded manner,” he says.
           As a private fitness coach and an    Some centres do not have enough mon-
        owner of a fitness facility, Cheung
        states that online teaching is not as    ey to invest in equipment, such as cam-
        good as face-to-face coaching. “A        eras and computers, for online classes.
        good atmosphere is very important for
        exercise. But students may not have
        enough space for online fitness classes
        at home, or they may have children at
        home which may cause hindrance and

                                                                                affect their mood,” Cheung says.
                                                                                  “Also, if a coach cannot physi-
                                                                                cally instruct students, it is hard to
                                                                                know whether they understand how
                                                                                to exercise properly,” he continues. He
                                                                                adds that while online classes provide
                                                                                another choice for people who do not
                                                                                want  to  go  outdoors,  many  of  them
                                                                                may quit exercising due to low moti-
                                                                                  Cheung  also  thinks  that  online
                                                                                classes provide them with little finan-
                                                                                cial  support.  “The  income  is  much
                                                                                lower compared to offering physical
                                                                                classes in fitness centres. Coaches only
                                                                                earn a few dozen Hong Kong dollars a
                                                                                lesson. Very few people sign up and
                                                                                join the classes,” Cheung says.
                                                                                  “Some centres do not have enough
                                                                                money  to  invest  in  equipment,  such
                                                                                as cameras and computers, for online
                                                                                classes. This increases their financial
                                                                                burden,” he adds.
                                                                                  Online teaching mode is also not
         Lee Yuk-shan has been working as a coach since he was 18. (Photo       an option for Tsang Put-long, owner
                             courtesy of Lee Yuk-shan)
                                                                                of a rock-climbing facility. He points
                                                                                out that it is very hard to do online
                                                                                classes with the type of sport he spe-
                                                                                cialises in.
                                                                                  “We need a rock face in order to
          It is difficult to teach students the needed                          practice rock climbing. It is difficult to

            skills, and it is not something they can                            teach students the needed skills, and it
                                                                                is not something they can practice at
                             practice at home.                                  home,” Tsang says.
                                                                                  Tsang had no income during the
                                                                                period his centre was closed from
                                                                                December 10, 2020. As he could not
                                                                                do  online  classes,  he  was  forced  to
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