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      Mathematics class provided by lead-
      ing training organisation Xueersi(學
      而思)for my son, as he has to stay
      in school for one more hour. That is
      quite tiring for him,” Li says.
        The “double reduction”  policy
      came  with many supporting meas-
      ures. One of them is to make students
      stay at school longer  by providing
      free  after-school  services.  Teachers
      will  either  help  students  finish  their
      homework or carry out extracur-
      ricular  activities based on students'
      interests during the extra hours after
      school, according to a circular issued
      in June by the Ministry of Education.
        “But  if my son fails  to perform
      well in school when he goes to high
      school, I will still sign him up for pri-  Yi Zhishan, Zhou’s nine-year-old son, is doing homework.
      vate tutoring classes,” Li says.                      (Photo Courtesy of Zhou Chunmei)
        Many parents in China like Li are
      still worried about their children’s ed-  of Yunnan province. The English tu-  Her nine-year-old son Yi Zhishan
      ucation, although the “double reduc-  toring agency her son used to go for  feels happy about the change. His
      tion” policy aims to reduce student’s   classes has stopped offering lessons  weekends used to be filled with off-
      burden and ease parents' anxiety.   after the policy was introduced. Luck-  campus  classes  since  he  was  seven
        Another anxious parent is Zhou   ily, she received a full refund from the  with drawing, piano, programming,
      Chunmei in Kunming, the capital city   agency.                         tennis, and English classes.
                                                                                “The  English  class  used to  take
                                                                             three hours. Now I can spend time
                                                                             with my friends and family instead,”
                                                                             Yi says. “I am so happy that I can go to
                                                                             amusement parks more often!”
                                                                                But his mother is still planning to
                                                                             sign him up for English classes later.
                                                                             “I will wait for a while to see how the
                                                                             policy is implemented. If the restric-
                                                                             tion loosens, I will get my son to do
                                                                             English tutoring again,” she says.
                                                                                Zhou is worried about her son fall-
                                                                             ing behind his peers. “If everybody
                                                                             quits off-campus tutoring, then I will
                                                                             certainly applaud the ‘double reduc-
                                                                             tion’. Both parents and students can
                                                                             escape from  fierce competition and
                                                                             take a breath of relief. But in fact, the
                                                                             competition still exists,” Zhou says.
                                                                                Another parent, Selena Zheng,
                                                                             has to cancel Chinese and Mathemat-
                                                                             ics private tutoring classes for her
             China issued the “double reduction” policy in late July.        ten-year-old son because the private
          (Source: The State Council of The People’s Republic  of China)     tutoring agency is no longer allowed
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