An NGO of the elderly by the elderly and for the elderly

An elderly-run NGO provides community services for the elderly to promote active aging in Hong Kong.

NBA Trading Card Scam

Victims recover losses in NBA trading card scams. By Sean Pan

Residents’ worries over influx of tourists to Sha Tau Kok

Residents of Sha Tau Kok are worried about the influx of tourists that might affect the community. By Charlotte Wu

Therapy Dog Spreads Joy and Healing

Therapy dog Curry brings joy and comfort to patients in hospitals and students in educational institutions.

Feathered Friends: Don’t Let Them Fly Away

Parrots eventually returned home after being lost. By Hannah Tang Bao Bao, a one-year-old male...

University O’Camps Went Wrong

Sexual assault cases were reported during the university orientation camps and two men were arrested in 2023.

Trading Cards for Pocket Money

Teenagers speculate NBA trading cards with parents' bank accounts for profits.

Struggling Rice Farmers Amid Drought

Due to drought, Thailand rice farmers have experienced a severe decline in rice production. By Gene Hunsanimitkul

Human Friends, Not Gambling Tools

Trained as racers, greyhounds are living new lives after adoption. By Hannah Tang

Manicure Service for the Elderly

Volunteers provide free manicure service for the elderly, making them feel touched. By Nicole Li