TV programme serves as missing persons units in China

CCTV programme helps families look for loved ones whom have been lost for years. By Cathleena Zhu

Hong Kong’s Stunted Vtubing Scene

Hong Kong's virtual YouTuber industry is limited by a small domestic market.

Make Peace No War

The former Vietnamese soldiers spread the message of peace when witnessing the ongoing wars across the world

Spotlight on Women in Chinese Musical Industry

Musicals featuring female artists as leading roles are becoming popular in China

Shining nails for pocket money

University students in China run nail businesses on campus.

Love Hunt

Chinese university students in Hong Kong seek love by joining arranged dates. By Celina Lu

Shadow Puppetry Shines in Fashion Fusion

Discover the marriage of shadow puppetry and style, as ancient art gets a modern makeover. By Zora Yan

Short End of the Hockey Stick

A policy change complicates ethnic minorities, long part of Hong Kong's hockey culture, playing for the Hong Kong team.

Consulate General of Vietnam: More Vietnamese will come to Hong Kong for university studies

Universities in Hong Kong are offering more scholarships for Vietnamese students.

Cultural Heritage Sites under attack in Ukraine

By Charley Ho, Daniel Paek and Roy Ng “If Russia stops fighting, there will be no war. If...