Never Apart: Hongkongers Emigrating With Pets

More and more pets are left behind by emigrating pet owners in Hong Kong because of complicated and costly procedures, some still...

Messy Student Dormitories

Why are university student dormitories so unpleasant to live in? By Chloe Tam Ruby Shum*...

Long Live Live Shows!

People crave for live shows as the pandemic situation eases. By Lilac Ye University student...

Cyberbullying takes a teacher’s life

An intrusion to an online teaching platform is considered a new type of cyberbullying and arouses cyber security awareness.

Scholarships Lures Talent

Scholarships becomes a vital key to attract foreign talents to the city.

Quitting a student society – A better way out?

Many university students are feeling anxious and hesitant because of too many club affairs. By Christine Tang

The Never-Ending Fraud

Mainland students experience phone scams in Hong Kong. By Lily Wang Elisa Yang was swindled...

Paying to Work

Some students in mainland China spend money to secure internship opportunities.

Dim Future for Hong Kong’s Rural Industries

By Leopold Chen Turbo Ice is facing difficulty as the government plans to seize its land for housing projects....

Pandemic Inactive Students

Hong Kong secondary students are doing less exercise due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  By Yap Ying Ye