Fighting Anorexia Through Art

Teens overcome anorexia by having art classes By Cathleena Zhu Zhang Ranze suffered from anorexia...

Police Arrested for Leaking Information of Lee Sun-kyun

Korean police officer arrested for leaking information about Lee Sun-kyun's investigation By Erica Hwang  A...

Designed to be addictive- stop scrolling!

"Addictive" online platform interfaces are designed to keep users hooked for hours and hours By Suan Yeon

Young Blood in Taiwanese Politics

More Young Taiwanese Join Parties Pushing for Change. By Pauline Yau As a member of the...

Agencies Aiding Vietnamese Students’ Scholarship Hunt

Vietnamese students are turning to agencies to secure scholarships for overseas studies.

From Pikachu to Poetry: Su Embroidery

Su Embroidery blends tradition with modern artistry By Zora Yan Embroidery master Zhang Xue combines...

Birthday Party as Blessing

NGO spreads love and blessings by holding birthday parties for underprivileged children. By Hanne Chan

Study Abroad for Better Jobs

Chinese fresh graduates desperate for jobs turn to overseas postgraduate programmes in the hope that they could land on better jobs.

Invisible Victims: Children of Incarcerated Parents

Children's lives are altered forever by their parents' imprisonment as lies are told to cover up the reason for their absence.

An NGO of the elderly by the elderly and for the elderly

An elderly-run NGO provides community services for the elderly to promote active aging in Hong Kong.