Safety Issues in Southeast Asia Stop Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists are reluctant to visit Southeast Asia citing safety issues.

Chinese Tourists Reluctant to Visit Thailand despite Visa-Free Policy

The number of Chinese tourists remains low despite visa-free policy. By Nutcha Hunsanimitkul

Hidden History in the Textbook

Brutal aspects of the invasions of Korea and China have been omitted in Japan's history education about World War II. By Charlotte Wu

The Truth. Far away, nearby.

The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and the Oka Masaharu Memorial Nagasaki Peace Museum, which are just a five-minute walk away from each other, tell different stories of Japan during World War II. By Lorraine Chiang

ChatGPT Cannot Do All the Homework

When most think ChatGPT can help students do homework and cheat in examinations, it does not work for university students in reality.

ChatGPT Cannot Fight Court Cases

Law students have been using ChatGPT to help with their studies but the tool has its limitations. By Lilac...

Stationery in the Digital Age

Love for pens and papers never fades even in the digital era. By Lorraine Chiang

Revival of handwritten cards in the digital age

Handwritten cards make a comeback in the digital age as people crave a personal touch. By Angel Yu

Greenhand Protestors: Chinese Students Stood Out amid Fear

Chinese students took to streets holding blank sheets of paper to voice out anger against "Zero-Covid".

Fearless Revolution: Iranian Women Cry for Freedom

Women in Iran have launched a "Hijab Revolution" to fight for their own freedom. By Kossy Chen