To Stay or Not to Stay?

Families are torn apart by different thoughts on leaving Hong Kong.

Christian Music Connecting With the City

Christians are integrating into today’s society with their “Made in Hong Kong” worship songs.

Caught Off-guard

Hong Kong's public housing estates have mostly shed their shady image from the 1980s and security has improved since CCTV, intercom systems and password operated doors were installed in the 1990s. But as Varsity discovers, lax visitor registration may be compromising safety.

Living and Learning in Parallel

Hong Kong's universities are pursuing internationalisation to attract students from around the globe and to boost their standing in world rankings. But some international students are disappointed when they get here and discover they are living in 'parallel' campuses to local students.

Squatters Keepers

When is a landowner not a landowner? According to the law of adverse possession, squatters can claim ownership of land they have occupied without the owners' consent after a statutory period of time. Advocates say squatters' rights ensure land is used while critics argue it is a kind of theft. Whatever the case, it seems adverse possession disputes are set to increase Hong Kong continues to press ahead with urban redevelopment and the development of rural areas.

Trapped in Campus

Most universities in Mainland China have relaxed restrictions on leaving campus, after students protested to voice their discontent.

Play Safe

Many children in Hong Kong use smartphones and tablets everyday, but unlike cinemas, the Internet is not a space where they can be easily shielded from violent or pornographic content.

Making the Cut

Trees are a welcome sight in our concrete jungle, but they often suffer from crowding, pollution and inappropriate care. Apart from causing damage to the trees, the poor management of trees also poses a risk to human safety. Conservationists and arborists - or tree doctors - say Hong Kong needs a Tree Ordinance and better urban planning are need to improve tree management.

Sun Sets on Evening Schools

Evening schools have been in decline since the government rolled out its universal education policy. Varsity looks at how the few remaining evening schools struggle to survive - and their importance in providing basic education to those who cannot attend day schools.
Hong Kong children free play

Shall We Play?

Children in Hong Kong have to juggle tests, homework, extra-curricular activities...and now some schools have forbidden running and jumping during recess. What happens to children when they don't get enough time for free play?