Human Friends, Not Gambling Tools

Trained as racers, greyhounds are living new lives after adoption. By Hannah Tang

Silent invasion of pre-made food in restaurants

As the pre-made food industry expands in China, consumer concerns about food safety and quality are on the rise. By Kamun Lai

Manicure Service for the Elderly

Volunteers provide free manicure service for the elderly, making them feel touched. By Nicole Li

Struggling Rice Farmers Amid Drought

Due to drought, Thailand rice farmers have experienced a severe decline in rice production. By Gene Hunsanimitkul

Expensive School-district Housing in China

Despite declining property prices in Shenzhen, housing prices in districts with popular elite schools are still standing high. By Molisa Meng

Pandemic Inactive Students

Hong Kong secondary students are doing less exercise due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  By Yap Ying Ye

Elderly under monitoring cameras

Monitoring cameras are installed to ensure elderly safety in China.

Trading Cards for Pocket Money

Teenagers speculate NBA trading cards with parents' bank accounts for profits.

Elderly Depressed

Depressing thoughts come up to elderlies' minds when they are separated from family and friends

Can We Settle Down?

Tenants of transitional housing keep moving while waiting for public rental housing to settle down.