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For 25 years, we have been trying to tell Hong Kong stories that matter. Here is what some of our readers and fellow storytellers think about our work:


Chrissy Burns, Editor-in- Chief, Inscribe journal of undergraduate writing at Polytechnic University

Congratulations on 25 years! As an avid reader of Varsity, I appreciate the wide range of interesting and compelling topics offered in a highly appealing format. The section Our Community has taught me much about Hong Kong issues, people and places. The depth of reporting and professionalism of your magazine is truly impressive. Wishing you much continued success.



Damon Pang, Reporter, RTHK English News

Congratulations Varsity, can’t believe it’s already been 25 wonderful years. You serve as an invaluable platform for enthusiastic, young journalists to hone their skills, think deep, dream big and be creative with their story ideas. Varsity stories are often good reads. And, a big thank you for helping Hong Kong stay connected with the world.



Karen Cheung, Co-founder & Editor of Still/Loud HK

Last year in the aftermath of the 20th handover anniversary in Hong Kong, Varsity teacher Yuen Chan wrote a moving piece about the importance of “telling our own stories”. Varsity has always done a fantastic job of doing so, and I am often both jealous of their stories and in awe of its journalism students’ ability to identify timely issues, dive deep into them, and produce well-reported and well-written pieces. Varsity is a reminder that there are always stories waiting to be uncovered off the beaten track, and its existence is evidence that we do not need to rely on our foreign counterparts to “tell our stories to the world” — we can do it ourselves.



Oiwan Lam, North East Asia Editor,

It is great to see Varsity having evolved into a multimedia student project. What’s more, it is not merely serving education need but also functioning as an alternative media on under-reported topics which present a more grassroots and humanist version of Hong Kong to the public. Its web version has started to develop a readership outside Hong Kong and I am looking forward to seeing it evolve into a significant source of information on Hong Kong for global audience in the near future.



Catherine Lai, Deputy Editor, Hong Kong Free Press 

Varsity’s student reporters produce great stories on community issues or initiatives that are often overlooked. These fresh voices are an asset to Hong Kong’s English-language media.



Tom Grundy, Hong Kong Free Press Editor-in-chief

Varsity is the city’s English-language student publication. I am always amazed at the original angles, fresh ideas and quality of the journalism on display each month. We are very proud to be hosting their stories over at Hong Kong Free Press.



Elson Tong, Former Reporter, Hong Kong Free Press

I often find myself complaining that the most insightful features we could have written for Hong Kong Free Press have already been done by Varsity.




Kris Cheng, Editorial Director, Hong Kong Free Press 

When I was part of my university’s student press, we had to learn everything by ourselves with a little help from our predecessors. I wish I had the professional guidance given to Varsity’s student reporters and editors, and had written some of the great reports they have done.

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