Dilemma Faced by Young Gays in China

Young gays in China are struggling whether to tell their parents the truth…

Meet doctors online

Telemedicine has become a more common practice in recent years, owing to COVID-19 and its convenience. By Winkie Ng

China Podcast: Where are we? Where to go?

While 2020 was marked as a banner year for China Podcast, the industry remains niche and faces heavier censorship.

Can Art Really Go Online?

Local artists and art organisations are taking creative ways to adapt to the virtual realm under COVID-19 pandemic, but some fear that joys, experiences, and transactions of the art world are hard to replicate on-screen.

Lost in Translation

Chinese as a Second Language learners struggle to learn Chinese under the current curriculum.

Christian Music Connecting With the City

Christians are integrating into today’s society with their “Made in Hong Kong” worship songs.

Never-ending Caring

In China, caregivers of children with cerebral children are struggling with family dysfunction and educational barriers, meanwhile, find themselves ostracised by society.

A Love-hate Relationship with Food

What is bulimia and how to break free from the negative relationship with food?

Yellow Couriers

Couriers in the yellow economy hope to challenge China-owned delivery giant SF Express.

VPN- To Use or Not to Use?

Chinese students of overseas universities use VNP which is banned in China for online class.