School’s not for everyone

More an more young people are struggling in Hong Kong's education system and some drop out of secondary school without taking their public exams. They may try to seek different paths, but it's hard in a society that still values conventional qualifications.

Students Seek Riches in Direct Selling

By Hazel Chung Chin Ching and Vinky Wong Hiu-ying It has hosted cheering crowds for countless pop concerts and sporting events, but on this night,...

Gambling Away Youth

Young gamblers play a high stakes game with their future. Varsity talks to youngsters who brush off their gambling habit as being part of human nature and a harmless leisure activity, and to the social workers who warn of the dangers of gambling addiction.

Visible and Vulnerable

The increased visibility of the LGBT community has led more people to support anti-discrimination legislation against sexual minorities, but is society really more accepting of sexual minorities? Varsity looks into the hostility they still face despite their increased exposure.

The STEM Paradox

The Hong Kong government is injecting a load of money to promote STEM education, but students seem to be less interested in studying science. Varsity explores the reasons behind.

Peel Off the Label

The recent court-cases over whether foreign domestic workers should have the right to apply for the right of abode in Hong Kong has sparked heated debate. Filipinos and Indonesians have borne the brunt of emotional rhetoric warning and doomsday predictions. But while most Filipinos are working as domestic helpers in Hong Kong, the territory is also home to a Filipino community that includes professionals and business people. Varsity meets some of them.

Under the Gaze

The taunt "If you come out to protest, you should expect to be groped!" is but one example of how female protesters were targeted during the Occupy Central movement last year. What's the difference between the experiences of women in politics, and that of their male counterparts here?

Dead Confusing

Government policy on columbaria and funeral niches leaves public in the dark when it comes to finding resting places for their departed loved ones.

Mainstreaming Mothers’ Milk

The recent dispute over the shortage of infant formula highlighted tensions between Hong Kong and the Mainland. But it also shone a light on the territory's low breastfeeding rate. The ratio of mothers who still breastfeed their babies after six months lags behind most Asian countries and regions. As Varsity discovers, many mothers complain Hong Kong lacks a supportive environment for breastfeeding.

Fix it!

The cheap cost of consumer goods encourages a throwaway culture where people chuck things when they break without regard of the harmful environmental impacts. Some people still remember the good old alternative to tossing stuff away - fixing them.