Running With the Disabled

A Hong Kong runner on his first ultramarathon and how it inspired him.

A Journey of Becoming a Chinese Musical Performer

Performer Angelina Zhu Zirong shares the story of her musical journey.  By Bliss Zhu Starring...

Gay Games Hong Kong Promotes LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Despite challenges and political pressures, Shawn Griffin organised the first Gay Games in Hong Kong.

Century-Old Preserved Bean Curd Shop

Third-generation owner of a century-old tofu pudding shop evolutes his products while preserving "the taste of Hong Kong".

Scriptwriters of In Broad Daylight: Be Kind

'In Broad Daylight' scriptwriters urge people to stay kind in the world of injustice. By Chole Tam

Premier Part-time Footballer

Natalie Ma Ching-yi talks about her football journey and women’s football in Hong Kong.

Reviving Hong Kong’s Traditional Handmade Umbrella Shop

Kiki Leung Yuen-ki keeps the 138-year-old handmade umbrella brand alive to preserve traditional craftsmanship in Hong Kong.

‘In Broad Daylight’ director wants to be the voice of the voiceless

The movie director of In Broad Daylight vows to be the voice of the voiceless with his latest production. By James Cheang

Knitting for Idols

British girl founded her knitting business in South Korea, providing knitted garments for K-pop idols. By Sunnie Wu

Laughter is the Best Medicine

The former doctor Jason Leong shares his story of being a comedian.