The Rebellious Game Content Creator

Ade Zun has surprisingly attracted a bunch of faithful fans despite refusing to create contents appealing to the public.

Breaking Free Through Her Lens

Terenia Puspita shares her life as both a domestic helper and amateur photographer in Hong Kong.

High School Student Starts NGO to Fight Period Poverty

A high school student devotes herself to helping girls suffering from period poverty in China.

Why Don’t we Talk about Sex?

Vera Lui Wing-hang, a sex toy shop owner, shares her transformation from a girl with zero sex knowledge to a sex educator promoting positive sex.

From Body Shaming to Body Positivity

Melissa Cheung Chin-sui shares her transformation from a body shamer to a body-positive advocate. By Charmaine Choi

Redefining Feng Shui with Fashion

Feng shui expert Thierry Chow Yik-tung shares how she brings fashion and feng shui together and talks about her feng shui philosophy.

From a Lifestyle to a Career

Paul Lin shares his commitment to eliminating the earth’s plastic waste.

It’s Never too Old to Start a Trip

Su Min, a 57-year-old woman, has been travelling alone and covered over 10,000 km since 2020.

Travel with Locals

Travel Vlogger Zhang Junqi wants to show people a different way of travelling -- making friends with locals.

Power of Art

Chinese-Aussie political artist Badiucao stands by Hongkongers with his cartoons.