Domestic Helper: “Helpers are human beings, not robots!”

An Indonesian domestic helper becomes an influencer in Hong Kong. 

The Night Queen

A New Zealander kindles his love of doing drag in Hong Kong.

Variety Show Mastermind

Director Casper Leung Cheuk-lam shares his passion in variety shows and films.

Back in the Saddle Again

YouTuber and singer Boris Wong Tsun-ming shares how he is getting back on track and is bouncing back even stronger after overcoming...

The Flexible Rope Skipping King

Timothy Ho Chu-ting, a rope skipping world champion, worked as a delivery man, is still passionate in rope skipping despite having difficulties...

Fresh Start in Britain

A young Hong Kong chef YouTuber pursues her culinary career in the UK.

Voice for the Poor

An Australian priest provides help for Hong Kong's needy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calligraphy Therapist

Calligraphy therapist Kwan Man-lung comforts troubled souls with his writing. Enya So Calligraphy artist Kwan...

Voice of Transgender Youth

A transgender young man founded an organization to raise the public awareness of transgender.

Scent of Darkness

A blind man gets his life back with a fragrance company. Phoebe Chu Holding his...