Rene (right) with Varsity classmates Derek Li (centre) and Ian Cheng (left)
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For our 25th birthday, some alumni have sent in video greetings along with some Varsity memories and recent updates. It’s exciting to see how everyone has developed after their time at Varsity.

Rene, art director of the 2013 Spring Board, is now a filmmaker and he recalls how working as a reporter for Varsity helped prepare him for telling human stories, something that he is doing now as a filmmaker.

Rene (fourth from the left) with stars Kara Hui (third from left) and Philip Keung (fifth from right) and other cast members from the film “Tracey” , which he directed.

In fact Rene’s first feature film as a director Tracey is about a transgender woman. His first multimedia story for Varsity also happened to be about a transgender woman!

Listen to what Rene has to say about his Varsity days:


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