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Periscope May 2019 – Bon Voyage?

Crowned as “Pearl of the Orient” and “Asia’s World City”, Hong Kong has been a popular tourist destination. Tourism is a major driving force of the local economy, accounting for nearly 5 per cent of the city’s GDP every year. Last...

Sprouting New Markets

Alternative tour operators offer new choices to diversify the city’s tourism offerings and explore the growing markets of ecotourism and cultural tourism.

A Hospitable City?

Hong Kong was ranked the fourth-lowest in the 2019 Smiling Report, a survey based on assessments of mystery shoppers across the world. Why isn't Hong Kong smiling? Varsity talks to catering workers and union representatives to figure out why.

Rage against Tourism

Huge influx of tourists, especially from the Mainland, has brought disturbance to the daily life of local residents, as well as criticisms of the government's incompetence in handling the problem.

Our Community

Take a U-Turn

University education is no longer a prerequisite for a promising career path. Some graduates are turning to blue-collar jobs to gain satisfaction in life.

Artist Career: Viable or Impossible?

There are 200 to 300 fine arts graduates each year, and many of them aspire to be full-time artists. However, fierce competition and lack of support make it hard for them to pursue a career in art.

Let Them Grow

Mainland parents are “checking on” their children who are studying in universities in Hong Kong through social media chat groups. Does it really help facilitate communication between children and parents?

Gap Year: Work or Travel?

Gap year offers you an opportunity to take a break from academic stress. Some students intern to accumulate experiences for better jobs. Others travel and volunteer to make their life more meaningful and fruitful.

Looming Threat of School Bus

Around one-fourth of registered school buses riding on the road are without seat belts or safer seats, posing a looming threat to students' safety.

Halal Taste Hunt

Hong Kong is home to 300,000 Muslims, but there are only 72 halal-certified restaurants in the city. Local Muslims are in turn calling for a more diverse selection of halal cuisines.



Behind the Masks

Can Xiqu, a relatively unpopular traditional art among the young generation, thrive again with the opening of the new Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon?

Catch Me if You Can

Kabaddi - a relatively unknown sport in Hong Kong - aims to break the barriers between ethnic minorities and local citizens.

Camera Eats First

Taking a sip of photogenic bubble tea and posting it on social media has become a fad in Hong Kong, which has a strong influence on the bubble tea market..

Dress Sense

Local clothing rental startups aim to change the conception of renting dresses and reduce clothing waste. Customers not only pay less but can also keep up with the latest fashion trends by renting instead of buying clothing.

Photo feature

A Tale of Two Streets

Both Lee Tung Street and Tai Yuen Street carry Hong Kong people's collective memories. But after recent urban re-development, they have faced different fates.