Periscope November 2018 – The Education Dilemma

Hong Kong's education system has been surrounded by controversies over the past decade. These controversies include Moral and National education, the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA), increasing suicide rates among schoolchildren, to name but a few. In this month's Periscope, we look at how Hong...

The Problem Behind the University Admission System

Academics voice concern over fairness and social mobility, as the number of non-JUPAS students admitted to prestigious programmes is on the rise.

Divide and School

More and more elite schools are transformed into Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools which charge expensive tuition fees. Academics and educators express worry over grassroots students’ access to quality education which will affect their social mobility in the long run.


Our Community

A Daily Struggle Waiting to Be Solved

Tin Shui Wai residents welcome a new public wet market to be built in the district, which may finally break the Link monopoly. But wet market management problems remain.

Divergent Tracks

While some student athletes enjoy adequate support for striking a balance between sports training and their studies, others are not that lucky. Varsity looks into the different situations they face in their schools.

Sign Up or Sign Off

Colourful neon signs and traditional signboards which leave tourists a dazzling image of Hong Kong can also be dangerous ticking bombs. Varsity looks into how Hong Kong should preserve her vibrant cityscape without endangering public safety.

Sign On

Since the 1970s, the government has stressed the teaching of children with hearing impairments in mainstream schools using spoken and written language, possibly leading to a decline in the use of sign language. Can growing support for adopting a sign-oral language bilingual approach help to reverse the trend?

Caught Off-guard

Hong Kong's public housing estates have mostly shed their shady image from the 1980s and security has improved since CCTV, intercom systems and password operated doors were installed in the 1990s. But as Varsity discovers, lax visitor registration may be compromising safety.

Living and Learning in Parallel

Hong Kong's universities are pursuing internationalisation to attract students from around the globe and to boost their standing in world rankings. But some international students are disappointed when they get here and discover they are living in 'parallel' campuses to local students.



Wearing Colours from Nature

Max To Hok-chi, founder of the first indigo dyeing workshop in Hong Kong and local NGOs bring organic craftsmanship to local communities in the era of speed and quantity.

Revision Provision

Inspired by the concept of shared space, private study rooms have become the latest trend for local students. The business has soared recently, as more companies try to tap into this new market with huge potential.

Tabletop Fantasy

Despite the popularity of video, online, mobile, and virtual reality gaming, board game culture has been on the rise in Hong Kong in recent years. But it's more than a hobby- board game designers and specialists are integrating board games into education.

Photo feature

Poles Apart

Pole dancing is not just for ladies. Male pole dancers share their stories of struggles and strive to be themselves.

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