Periscope April 2019 – Finding the Right Care

The structural problem of overcapacity has long existed in the public medical sector. With increasing number of patients, public hospitals in Hong Kong are constantly overloaded. Society has to explore alternative healthcare options to minimise reliance on public healthcare in Hong...

Every Second Counts

First aid is a crucial yet overlooked part of medical service. More citizens now have to learn first aid to make time for the paramedics to save lives.

Traditional but Unconventional

Hong Kong’s first Chinese medicine hospital is expected to open in late 2024. The hospital will integrate Chinese and Western medicine elements.

Home Sweet Home

With the growing elderly population in Hong Kong, foreign labour might be a solution to the problem of lack of caregivers.

Our Community

Gap Year: Work or Travel?

Gap year offers you an opportunity to take a break from academic stress. Some students intern to accumulate experiences for better jobs. Others travel and volunteer to make their life more meaningful and fruitful.

Looming Threat of School Bus

Around one-fourth of registered school buses riding on the road are without seat belts or safer seats, posing a looming threat to students' safety.

Halal Taste Hunt

Hong Kong is home to 300,000 Muslims, but there are only 72 halal-certified restaurants in the city. Local Muslims are in turn calling for a more diverse selection of halal cuisines.

Fighting for Hong Kong’s Heritage

Conservation activists criticise the government’s grading system for Hong Kong’s numerous historic buildings, believing that the cultural and historical values of post-war architecture are being overlooked.

A Bright Future?

The government and power companies rolled out a new purchase scheme to encourage the production of usage of renewable energy. However, users still face many difficulties in actual implementation.

No Place for Fallen Trees

Green groups and scholars criticise the government for disposing of all tree waste at the same location and sending most to landfills, without carrying out resources classification or selection for further recycling.



Camera Eats First

Taking a sip of photogenic bubble tea and posting it on social media has become a fad in Hong Kong, which has a strong influence on the bubble tea market..

Dress Sense

Local clothing rental startups aim to change the conception of renting dresses and reduce clothing waste. Customers not only pay less but can also keep up with the latest fashion trends by renting instead of buying clothing.

Shop Naked

To combat excessive food packaging, the concept of “shopping naked” is gaining popularity in Hong Kong, as more consumers and specialised grocery stores take part in the initiative in a bid to protect the environment.

Wearing Colours from Nature

Max To Hok-chi, founder of the first indigo dyeing workshop in Hong Kong and local NGOs bring organic craftsmanship to local communities in the era of speed and quantity.

Photo feature

Villagers initiate conservation projects to bring the neighbourhood together and save their home, one of the last indigenous villages on Hong Kong Island.

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