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Periscope December 2018 – Space Hunt

Plastic flowers, toys and electronic products bearing the label “Made in Hong Kong” were sold around the world in the 1960s and 1970s back when Hong Kong was the major export centre for manufactured products in Asia. In the 1980s, labour-intensive industries were relocated across...

Canteen Conundrum

Many factory canteens inside industrial buildings are serving outsiders illegally. Canteen owners criticise the outdated regulations and call for the government to review relevant policies.

Creative Quandary

With the increasing rent of industrial buildings, some local artists are forced to look for cheaper alternatives. The land lease and outdated regulations of industrial buildings are also causing them headaches.

Industrial Inhabitants

Hong Kong has some 1,400 industrial buildings which are illegal to live in. Despite the violation of law and safety concerns, many still choose to live there because of the unaffordable housing prices elsewhere.

Our Community

Fighting for Hong Kong’s Heritage

Conservation activists criticise the government’s grading system for Hong Kong’s numerous historic buildings, believing that the cultural and historical values of post-war architecture are being overlooked.

A Bright Future?

The government and power companies rolled out a new purchase scheme to encourage the production of usage of renewable energy. However, users still face many difficulties in actual implementation.

No Place for Fallen Trees

Green groups and scholars criticise the government for disposing of all tree waste at the same location and sending most to landfills, without carrying out resources classification or selection for further recycling.

A Daily Struggle Waiting to Be Solved

Tin Shui Wai residents welcome a new public wet market to be built in the district, which may finally break the Link monopoly. But wet market management problems remain.

Divergent Tracks

While some student athletes enjoy adequate support for striking a balance between sports training and their studies, others are not that lucky. Varsity looks into the different situations they face in their schools.

Sign Up or Sign Off

Colourful neon signs and traditional signboards which leave tourists a dazzling image of Hong Kong can also be dangerous ticking bombs. Varsity looks into how Hong Kong should preserve her vibrant cityscape without endangering public safety.



Dress Sense

Local clothing rental startups aim to change the conception of renting dresses and reduce clothing waste. Customers not only pay less but can also keep up with the latest fashion trends by renting instead of buying clothing.

Shop Naked

To combat excessive food packaging, the concept of “shopping naked” is gaining popularity in Hong Kong, as more consumers and specialised grocery stores take part in the initiative in a bid to protect the environment.

Wearing Colours from Nature

Max To Hok-chi, founder of the first indigo dyeing workshop in Hong Kong and local NGOs bring organic craftsmanship to local communities in the era of speed and quantity.

Revision Provision

Inspired by the concept of shared space, private study rooms have become the latest trend for local students. The business has soared recently, as more companies try to tap into this new market with huge potential.

Photo feature

Making Music From Scratch

Three local instrument artisans share their journeys and challenges in a niche and changing market of handmade instruments.