Emoticon is popular among Koreans for its cute and delicate way of delivering emotion. By Chaelim Kim

Virtual Idols, Real Fans

Virtual idol industry is booming in China, attracting millions of fans who chat and play with their idols onlineBy Ella Lang

The Market Never Sleeps

Vendors recall the good old days at the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market ahead of an urban renewal plan that aims to revitalise...

Turning Time into Love and Money

NGOs run time banks to build social capital in a caring community.

New Blood for Font Design Family

Hong Kong computer font designers introduce Cantonese characters in new digital typeface designs, fueling the city's rise of Cantonese culture.

Missing Accounts

Feminism and LGBT+ accounts on Chinese social media have been made disappear.

I Cannot Leave This City

By Gabriella Lynn While more French people leave Hong Kong during the pandemic, some are determined to stay in...

Bullying in the Cyberworld

Body type is becoming the only concern for students trapped in social media platforms. By Jack Deng

“Chaotic” Fandom under Clampdown

Fans have mixed feelings about Qinglang campaign that cracks down many online fan activities. By Alina Chen

Old Is Gold

Cantopop legends live on in youngster’s hearts with their intoxicating charms.