Forced Off The Streets

Dai pai dong owners in Fo Tan may face eviction by 2024 due to government plans.By Victoria Fong Jerry has been working in Tai Yuen Dai Pai Dong in Fo Tan for over...

The Market Never Sleeps

Vendors recall the good old days at the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market ahead of an urban renewal plan that aims to revitalise the market into a tourist attraction. By Gloria Chan Yi-lam
Amid rising attention to Hong Kong cultural heritage by the young generation, the Central Market is newly opened to the public. By Felicia Lam Casper Yam Ming-ho is so passionate...
The 2021 Election Committee Subsector Ordinary Elections

Heart of Cyberpunk

Hong Kong’s unique urban landscape is featured in cyberpunk films and animations.

Life Afloat

Fishermen in Bohai Bay are struggling with sharp decline in harvests and impact of COVID-19. By Laurissa Liu in Tianjin Fishermen hope a four-month moratorium from May to September can...

Back to the Old Times

People shop for daily necessities and fresh products from the wild in street markets in Yunnan.

Caged City

Cage-like iron nets have been installed on footbridges across the city amid anti-government protests.

Turn the Clock Back

A Taiwanese restaurant inside an industrial building is full of nostalgic sense with popular movie posters, old school furnitures and classic Japanese comics.

A Path to Freedom

The Freedom Trail in Boston marks how people pursued freedom in the American Revolution, which is similar to what Hongkongers are going through.