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Troubled by personal issues, mental illness and economic difficulties, street sleepers are struggling to find shelters in parks, tunnels and bridges. In the periscope section, Varsity reporters zoom into the lives of homeless people to find out what difficulties they are facing when living on the streets.

Some homeless manage to restructure their life and are preparing for the Homeless World Cup 2024 in September. Led by a female team manager, the team of male footballers are doing weekly training for the big game.

Starting from campus stories, some students in China start doing nail business in their dormitory. A group of Hong Kong students are working hard to promote tchoukball in the city. Some university students from China have formed a platform to help other students arrange dating partners.

In Hong Kong, Varsity reporters explore how independent bookstores survive in Hong Kong, and how volunteers in the city gather leftover bread from bakeries and redistribute them to the needy. Reporters also speak to elderly ballet dancers, and virtual YouTubers in Hong Kong.

In China, musicals featuring women’s stories are gaining popularity, and a television program is helping families to find their lost loved ones.

In the context of war worldwide, Varsity reporters interview Ukrainian artists and Vietnam veterans who use different media to convey messages of peace. Burmese students leave their home country to avoid mandatory conscription order. 

No man is an island. As conflicts arise around the world, we witness the ripple effects in our own surroundings. In this issue of Varsity, we hope to take you on a journey, starting from where we are, to observe the ongoing changes happening around us.

Enjoy your read!

Kamun Lai

Managing Editor

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