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Beyond Education

March is the month of exams. Form seven students struggling with the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination are not alone. Primary six students also have to take a school exam which will, to a large extent, determine which secondary schools they will enter.


Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools receive government subsidies but unlike aided schools, they are also allowed to charge fees. So they have more resources to provide better facilities and learning environments. It is no surprise that many parents find DSS schools particularly attractive. In Periscope this issue, Varsity take a closer look at DSS schools.


The DSS aims to widen the choice of schools. But their fees may be an obstacle to poor students. On the other hand, although DSS schools have more resources, does it mean that they necessarily provide better education?


While some parents want their children to get into DSS schools, the parents of ‘gifted’ children worry about the lack of resources available for developing their children’s talents. In the Our Community section, we look at gifted education in Hong Kong.


The government plans to spend about HK$4 billion on education in the next fiscal year. But we do not just need money, we need an education system that can provide equal access to quality education and nurture our potential.




Phoebe Man