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Since the launch of ChatGPT, its ability to generate logical answers in seconds has been grabbing headlines and remained to be the centre of public attention. Some are happy to know that their workload can be shared by the chatbot, while others raise legal and ethical concerns.

Our Periscope section focuses on students who find AI cannot do their coursework. As convenient as ChatGPT may sound, students are reminded not to blindly rely on it and use it wisely.

Cross-border connections resumes after the scrapping of COVID quarantine policies. Mainland tourists have been blamed for upsetting daily life of residents in Macau. Some take advantage of the open border and order food delivery in the mainland for cheaper prices and bring it back to Hong Kong, but hygiene issue is in question.

It takes passion to build our goals and make dreams come true. In our People section, an Asian Games participant and a Hong Kong model tells Varsity their story of struggles.

Stories of perseverance are also included in this issue of Varsity. Our reporters interviewed stores with long history in Hong Kong. A Thai museum curator shares his work in preserving the Mon culture and Ark Eden founder spreads the message of environmental conservation.

This issue of Varsity also explores other interesting topics, ranging from home death services to maid café culture.

Have an enjoyable read!

Charlie Chun

Chief Editor