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While Yu is a confident and consummate professional in his job as a photojournalist, he is less at ease running a business.

He opened The Upper Station as a showcase for promoting photography and art in Hong Kong. It has been largely successful in terms of cultural promotion, attracting a constant flow of visitors to the gallery, but Yu has found he is not a natural when it comes to the business side of things.

Reflecting on his work in promoting art photography, Yu concludes, “I am an amateur artist only.” He finds it difficult to promote artwork and simultaneously break even. He also finds it hard to engage in the whole sales rap. Flitting between the two worlds, he realizes that he is more passionate about photography than he is about the art business.

The world of photography remains his true home and he is satisfied with his job at AP, enjoying professional freedom and witnessing news first-hand. “I am skilled at photography. I can show my talent when taking photos,” he says.

With so much to share and a zeal for promoting photography, Varsity asks him if he will open photography courses. Yu laughs. “I do not have this plan but sharing and interactions are always welcome!”