Home Sweet Home

With the growing elderly population in Hong Kong, foreign labour might be a solution to the problem of lack of caregivers.

Periscope December 2018 – Space Hunt

Plastic flowers, toys and electronic products bearing the label “Made in Hong Kong” were sold around the world in the 1960s and 1970s back...

Canteen Conundrum

Many factory canteens inside industrial buildings are serving outsiders illegally. Canteen owners criticise the outdated regulations and call for the government to review relevant policies.

Creative Quandary

With the increasing rent of industrial buildings, some local artists are forced to look for cheaper alternatives. The land lease and outdated regulations of industrial buildings are also causing them headaches.

Industrial Inhabitants

Hong Kong has some 1,400 industrial buildings which are illegal to live in. Despite the violation of law and safety concerns, many still choose to live there because of the unaffordable housing prices elsewhere.

Periscope November 2018 – The Education Dilemma

Hong Kong's education system has been surrounded by controversies over the past decade. These controversies include Moral and National education, the Territory-wide System Assessment...

The Problem Behind the University Admission System

Academics voice concern over fairness and social mobility, as the number of non-JUPAS students admitted to prestigious programmes is on the rise.

Divide and School

More and more elite schools are transformed into Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools which charge expensive tuition fees. Academics and educators express worry over grassroots students’ access to quality education which will affect their social mobility in the long run.

Periscope April 2018 – Turbulence Ahead?

Hong Kong's status as a regional and international aviation centre and hub has long been a source of pride to the city's residents. But...

Getting on the flight path

Hong Kong's status as an aviation centre is enshrined in the Basic Law, but over the years, aviation education and training have lagged behind, exacerbating a labour shortage problem. With a huge expected increase in demand for manpower after the third runway is built, what's being done to catch up?