Forced Landing

Aviation industry in China is undergoing changes during the pandemic.

Vocals are Muted?

Local music creators are worried about the increasing risks of political music creation due to National Security Law.

Reporting on Thin Ice

The implementation of the national security law has put the journalism industry at risk. Journalists and media outlets are now seeking ways to survive in the tight corners.

Invisible Red Lines Threaten Publications

The vagueness of national security law has sparked ‘white terror’ over book production and publications.

Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat

Physical injuries take a toll on protesters as they carry on with their lives.

War at Dinner Table

The differences in life experiences, core values, beliefs between generations have led to family conflicts over the social movement.

Broken Hearts of the City

The prolonged anti-extradition bill movement has affected HongKonger’s mental health.

Hands Across The Strait

Young activists, with some facing criminal charges, fled to Taiwan to receive temporary residency and mental care from local non-government organizations.

Support Sent from the ’80s

The anti-ELAB movement reminds Koreans of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising. Korean students and witnesses of the Gwangju Uprising share their story of freedom fight and their sympathy for the movement in Hong Kong.

Helping Hands

Hong Kong volunteers offer helping hands on the basic needs of frontline protesters and secondary school students who actively participated in the social movement.