Struggling to Workout a Way

Fitness industry has been suffering from COVID-19 and the financial situation of practitioners is still hanging in the balance even after the...

Business Models Change amid Pandemic

Travel agencies in Hong Kong are changing their business models to cope with the impact of COVID-19.

Aviation Industry Struggles to Survive in South Korea

Aviation industry in South Korea faces devastating losses due to the pandemic.

Forced Landing

Aviation industry in China is undergoing changes during the pandemic.

On a Rocky Road

Airline workers are facing unprecedented challenges as the coronavirus pandemic halts air travel.

Vocals are Muted?

Local music creators are worried about the increasing risks of political music creation due to National Security Law.

Reporting on Thin Ice

The implementation of the national security law has put the journalism industry at risk. Journalists and media outlets are now seeking ways to survive in the tight corners.

Invisible Red Lines Threaten Publications

The vagueness of national security law has sparked ‘white terror’ over book production and publications.

Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat

Physical injuries take a toll on protesters as they carry on with their lives.

Broken Hearts of the City

The prolonged anti-extradition bill movement has affected HongKonger’s mental health.