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Reporter: Joyce Lee

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with the thick wad of expired cards in your wallet, the Pickmaster Plectrum could provide an answer.

The Pickmaster is a portable punch that allows you to make guitar picks out of any plastic – credit cards, membership cards, CDs – basically any piece of thin plastic that you can find. This gadget cannot be easier to use. It works the same way as a standard hole punch. Simply slide an old card into the Pickmaster and press down. The useless plastic card has found a new lease of life – as a plectrum.

Not being able to find a pick just when you need one has always been a nuisance to guitar players. There is no need to root around under your drawers anymore. With the help of Pickmaster, a plectrum is always within reach. Where there is thin plastic, there is a guitar pick.

All the plectrums made will be in the traditional “351” shape. This ensures that everyone will be comfortable holding them. You can tailor-make a pick of the perfect thickness you like, as the Pickmaster is strong enough to punch through almost any thickness of plastic.

Why throw your money away on picks when you can make your own cheaper and more environmentally-friendly version? A plectrum costs around $8 each in stores nowadays. You can make up to five picks out of a single card. With a few uses, the gadget will have paid for itself. It is time to say goodbye to those fancy ivory plectrums and go green. Recycling is good for Mother Earth and easy on your wallet.

The Pickmaster also brings out your creativity. What could be cooler than having an original guitar pick of your own? Make it unique by choosing a card with your name or photo.

If you find the edges of the picks made from the Pickmaster rougher than shop-bought ones, just use a nail file to smooth the edges. The picks will then be flawless.

The Pickmaster is a fun and practical gift for guitar enthusiasts. It is also the perfect way to revive your dead cards.

The Pickmaster costs around US$25. Google “Pickmaster Plectrum” and order online.

Watch how the Pickmaster works on YouTube: Search “Making guitar picks with The Pickmaster Plectrum”.