Liz Sargent’s Films Dive Into Identity and Family

Filmmaker Liz Sargent shares how her story as a Korean-American adoptee who grew up with ten siblings inspired a work that explores...

Scriptwriters of In Broad Daylight: Be Kind

'In Broad Daylight' scriptwriters urge people to stay kind in the world of injustice. By Chole Tam

A Budding Poet

By Victoria Fong Eric Yip Chun-wai has become the youngest winner of the National Poetry Competition held by...

Keeping the Tradition Alive: Shrimp Paste Making in Tai O

By Jasmine Lam Cheng Kai-keung has to mix 100 pounds of shrimp paste and 13 pounds of salt...

Migrant Domestic Helper-turned-Writer

Migrant domestic worker finds strength in writing amidst struggles in Hong Kong. By Lunaretta Linaura Edited...

Laughter is the Best Medicine

The former doctor Jason Leong shares his story of being a comedian.

To Learn, To Respect, To Love

School principal Yuon Fuk-lung shares his education philosophy and future insights. By Jasmine Lam Secondary...

Running With the Disabled

A Hong Kong runner on his first ultramarathon and how it inspired him.

Knitting for Idols

British girl founded her knitting business in South Korea, providing knitted garments for K-pop idols. By Sunnie Wu

A Childhood Dream, A Love for Diplomacy

Hong Kong and Macau’s Consul General of Malaysia Muzambli Markam talks about his journey in international diplomacy.