Sun sets on Hong Kong’s Shanghai Barber Shops

Hong Kong's barber shops used to be seen as stylish places to get the latest hairstyles and exemplary service. Now, they are seen as antiquated relics of a bygone age. Some Shanghai barbers are refusing to hang up their scissors just yet, but even they know the days of Shanghai barber shops in Hong Kong are numbered.

Hong Kong’s ‘Drifting’ Mainlanders

In recent years, the term 'gang piao', literally 'Hong Kong drifters' has been used to describe the educated young mainlanders who study and then work in Hong Kong. The gang piao identify with and have taken to Hong Kong's culture, language and values to varying degrees. Some mix only with other gang piao and speak Putonghua, while others have learnt Cantonese and find themselves changed by their Hong Kong experience. Varsity hears some of their stories.

The Art of Protest – Politics Finds Artistic Expression in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's colourful protest culture is increasingly infused with artistic elements, just as themes of politics and protest are increasingly expressed in artworks by local artists. Varsity takes a look at Hong Kong's art of protest.

Animal Paradise or Prison?

There is greater awareness of animal welfare and rights as groups push for a bill against cruelty to animals in China. But Varsity finds some animals still being kept in cramped conditions and made to perform at a leading Guangdong safari park.

Dream On – Indie Music in HK

Reporters: Andrew Choi, Crystal Chui, Rebecca Wong Microphones checked, guitars ready. It is almost time for the show. Members of the audience sit on the ground,...

Salon Culture Brews Taiwan Blend Democracy

Taiwan's cafes and bookstores host to a vibrant salon culture that played an important part in the island's democracy and as Varsity discovers, continues to provide a platform for debate today.

The Childcare Gap

Hong Kong faces an aging population and a shrinking workforce, yet many women are deterred from rejoining the workforce and families put off having children, due to the lack of affordable and accessible childcare services. Varsity meets some of the mothers struggling to strike a balance between working and looking after their children.

Iphoneography – fad, art or movement?

Smartphone cameras are no longer being used to just take snaps of kids and pets. They are being used by professional photographers and photojournalists to create news pictures and even art. Meet the Iphoneographers, the professionals and hobbyists who love the convenience, intimacy and immediacy of smartphone photos.
Hong Kong refugee children education

Education for All

Anuj Gurung was born in Hong Kong, so he should have gone to school when he was 6, but he just started this year at the age of 7. This is because he is the son of an asylum-seeker, thus his family had to navigate a maze of red tape to get him to school. NGOs estimate that there are around 500 such children in Hong Kong who would be in the same predicament.

Esports in Hong Kong — More Than Just Entertainment

People who play video games professionally are taking advantage of the growing industry in China, Taiwan, and elsewhere in the world, but aspiring pro-gamers in Hong Kong are having trouble catching up to their peers.

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