Tea Dance waltzes into the Future

It started in the 1960's as gatherings where the young and cool went to dance, listen to the latest bands and just be seen, but the tea-dance is alive and well in 21st century Hong Kong. The world of the tea-dance is a world away from the hustle and bustle of urban Hong Kong. In dance-halls above street-level in commercial buildings, couples spend their afternoons practising their waltzes and striking poses for Latin dances.

A life outside work for Hong Kong’s Filipino helpers

Despite long working hours and low pay, the increasing number of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong find ways to enjoy a rich social life on their days off.

Animal Paradise or Prison?

There is greater awareness of animal welfare and rights as groups push for a bill against cruelty to animals in China. But Varsity finds some animals still being kept in cramped conditions and made to perform at a leading Guangdong safari park.
Hong Kong refugee children education

Education for All

Anuj Gurung was born in Hong Kong, so he should have gone to school when he was 6, but he just started this year at the age of 7. This is because he is the son of an asylum-seeker, thus his family had to navigate a maze of red tape to get him to school. NGOs estimate that there are around 500 such children in Hong Kong who would be in the same predicament.

The Perfect Mix

Some Hong Kong parents pay high school fees to let their children have an international education in the city's international schools but at one government-aided primary school in Mid-levels, local and expatriate pupils learn with and from each other in a setting that mixes local and international elements. Varsity meets and teachers and children of this multicultural school.

A Retirement Protection Plan for All?

The Hong Kong government is defining the debate over a universal pension as one of the elderly against the young. We asked elderly and young Hongkongers to weigh in.

The last letter-writers of Yau Ma Tei

Tucked away behind the busy streets of Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong's last professional letter-writers ply a trade that has existed in Hong Kong for more than a hundred years. Their heyday was during colonial times, when many hired their English translation and writing services. The field is in decline now, but the letter writers say they'll keep on writing.

Macau Students in Hong Kong

More and more Macau students are applying to Hong Kong's universities. You might not notice them on Hong Kong's campuses because they speak the same language as local students and share a very similar culture. Varsity finds out what attracts them to learn in Hong Kong.

Transsexual Marriage

A landmark case involving W, a transsexual woman who wants to get married in Hong Kong is expected to be heard at the Court of Final Appeal next year. Now, W's story is being dramatised in a musical called "Dream of the Mermaid". Varsity meets members of the production and looks at some of the struggles faced by transsexuals in Hong Kong.

The Behind-the-scenes Heroes of Hong Kong TV and Movies

The lives of stuntmen are a mystery to people outside the film production industry. The daredevil moves and seemingly impossible stunts performed by your favourite actors are often the efforts of the stuntmen and stuntwomen who put their lives on the line day in, day out. Varsity looks into this behind-the-scenes industry and the joys and pains of being a stuntman.