Old and alone in Hong Kong’s ghost villages

Varsity treks to some of Hong Kong's remote villages to talk to the few elderly villagers still living there and hears that one if their greatest concerns is the lack of convenient transport in the event of a medical emergency.

The Forgotten Transport: Kaito Ferries in Hong Kong

Kaito ferries provide a much needed service to residents in some parts of Hong Kong, but stringent licensing requirements mean some are forced to operate illegally, while high operating costs threaten the future of legal services.

Raising Hope – The Future of Dolphins

The plight of an injured dolphin, later named Hope, in waters off Lantau island drew public attention to the dangers facing the Chinese White Dolphins around Hong Kong. Hope's eventual death led to calls for a protocol on dealing with the rescue of injured sea mammals in Hong Kong waters, and for greater monitoring of local dolphin watching tours.

Enclaves – the Struggle over Development

The struggle between development and conservation is being played out in some of Hong Kong's most scenic and ecologically valuable spots - in ecological buffer zones called enclaves. These are plots of private land located inside country parks but excluded from their boundaries. We explain what enclaves are, how they came into being and take a look at some of the controversies surrounding their use.

Other Ways to Learn

Many Hong Kong parents believe that giving their kids the best start in life means pushing them to study more and to learn earlier. However, some parents are adopting other learning approaches. Varsity chats with these parents and their children’s teachers to learn about their reasons for pursuing ‘unconventional’ pre-school education.

Esports in Hong Kong — More Than Just Entertainment

People who play video games professionally are taking advantage of the growing industry in China, Taiwan, and elsewhere in the world, but aspiring pro-gamers in Hong Kong are having trouble catching up to their peers.

Plug in and drive on

Vehicle emissions are one of the major causes of air pollution in Hong Kong and the government has been promoting the use of electric vehicles as a way to tackle the problem. But despite its efforts, the response from drivers has been disappointing. Apart from the relatively higher cost of electric cars, motorists tell Varsity the lack of quick chargers is one of the reasons there are so few zero-emissions cars on our roads.

Varsity Multimedia May 2011

Varsity's latest multimedia stories. Highlights include: the last sailing from Hung Hom to Central and a history of Hong Kong's cross-harbour ferries, Hong Kong's Shanghai barber shops and the growing number of Macau students in Hong Kong's universities.

Sunbeam: Cantonese Opera’s Last Independent Theatre in HK

Reporters: Victor Chan, Melanie Leung, Nia Tam, Jasmine Wong For nearly four decades, Sunbeam Theatre in North Point has been synonymous with Cantonese Opera. That could...

Sino Centre: Witnessing the End of an Era

Mong Kok's Sino Centre was once a place of pilgrimmage for fans of Cantopop and local movie stars. In its heyday, fans used to queue up for hours to buy laminated photos of their idols. But those days are gone, and Sino Centre is now a repository of collective memories for a generation of Hongkongers.

Latest stories

Calling for More Tree Surgeons

Urban trees are an integral part of Hong Kong’s cityscape but there aren’t enough trained tree experts to manage and take care of them. The government and education sector are trying to change that, but for now working conditions are keeping newcomers away.

The Digital Divide

Varsity meets two groups of people who are challenged technologically - residents in remote villages and the elderly - to understand their sufferings and hopes.

Dining with Barriers

Wheelchair users share their experiences of dining out and tell us how well-equiped local restaurants are to serving people with disabilities.