Heritage vs Development in HK’s Walled Villages

Hong Kong's remaining walled villages are an important part of the territory's heritage and history. But should the desire for preservation trump villagers' wishes to redevelop their homes?

A Retirement Protection Plan for All?

The Hong Kong government is defining the debate over a universal pension as one of the elderly against the young. We asked elderly and young Hongkongers to weigh in.

Old and alone in Hong Kong’s ghost villages

Varsity treks to some of Hong Kong's remote villages to talk to the few elderly villagers still living there and hears that one if their greatest concerns is the lack of convenient transport in the event of a medical emergency.

The Furry Therapists

Social workers say therapy animals can help draw socially withdrawn youth out of their shells, and their bedrooms. But the idea of therapy pets is still new in Hong Kong and doesn’t have the same recognition as guide dogs for the blind.

Demolition of carparks to cause more congestion in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui

Private cars dominate Hong Kong’s major roads and parking spaces are in high demand, especially in commercial and tourist districts like Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. Government plans to demolish some major carparks in these areas will not only affect drivers but also change the overall traffic environment.

Building a City without Walls

Government proposals to import more foreign labour to make up for the shortfall in manpower for the construction industry has sparked fierce debate. But it seems the potential of the local workforce has not been fully utilised. Many of Hong Kong's local ethnic minorities are employed in the construction industry. Yet, discrimination is rife and prospects for career advancement limited by the language barrier.

Why It’s So Hard to Train Guide Dogs in Hong Kong

There are fewer than 40 serving guide dogs in the city, or around one guide dog for every 4,300 visually impaired people; the International Guide Dog Federation says ideally there should be one guide dog for every 100. It's hard to train more partly because existing laws and regulations only acknowledge the use of guide dogs for the visually impaired, not the trainers.

Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Reporters: Suki Chow, Karen Kwok, Shannon Lam, Oneal Li Alzheimer’s disease, also called senile dementia of the Alzheimer type (SDAT) and primary degenerative dementia of...

Bridging the Generation Gap

The generation gap between the elderly and the young is often highlighted on social media and in the mainstream media. But while conflicts might be inevitable, resolving them is not impossible. Though they may harbour biases towards each other, the old and the young can take the initiative to respect and understand one another.

Finding the Spotlight

Mention musicals and most people will think of productions from New York's Broadway or London's West End. But a group of dedicated performers, writers, producers and musicians are working hard to put on local musicals performed in Cantonese. It's an uphill struggle, but they tell Varsity it is well worth the effort.