Eye Health of the iGeneration

On buses, trains and in restaurants, young children can be seen playing on smartphones while their parents are otherwise engaged. Varsity meets up with parents, experts and an app developer to explore how technology affects children’s eye health.

Bridging the Generation Gap

The generation gap between the elderly and the young is often highlighted on social media and in the mainstream media. But while conflicts might be inevitable, resolving them is not impossible. Though they may harbour biases towards each other, the old and the young can take the initiative to respect and understand one another.

Nowhere to Skate

Despite their outstanding achievement in international competitions, Hong Kong figure skaters and short track speed skaters are deprived of a rink that meets international standard for training. They are now calling for the government to build a new rink to facilitate their training.

Local apps developers seek to protect innovations

New apps appear on the market for consumers to download onto their mobile devices every day. But for the developers who spend their time and efforts to create them, there is little in the way of intellectual property protection. Varsity speaks to some of the innovators who say that being ripped off is simply a sad reality.

Living a Green Lifestyle

There's more you can do to live an eco-friendly lifestyle than just recycling your waste. Here are some Hongkongers who go a bit further to be green.

Artist Village in Wan Chai

Foo Tak Building in bustling Wan Chai is an unexpected oasis of art and culture. The artists and cultural workers based here are able to do so due to the largesse of a mysterious benefactor.

Animal Paradise or Prison?

There is greater awareness of animal welfare and rights as groups push for a bill against cruelty to animals in China. But Varsity finds some animals still being kept in cramped conditions and made to perform at a leading Guangdong safari park.

Battle against Plastic

Over 17 million pieces of plastic waste are flushed into the sea every year, which pose serious threats to the health of both marine lives and human beings. Varsity looks into how different parties including NGOs and the government combat the problem of plastic pollution.

Bridge the Bond

Varsity speaks to volunteers, residents and professionals who organise community activities to strengthen bonding and revive trusting relationship in their neighbourhoods.

Finding the Spotlight

Mention musicals and most people will think of productions from New York's Broadway or London's West End. But a group of dedicated performers, writers, producers and musicians are working hard to put on local musicals performed in Cantonese. It's an uphill struggle, but they tell Varsity it is well worth the effort.