The Furry Therapists

Social workers say therapy animals can help draw socially withdrawn youth out of their shells, and their bedrooms. But the idea of therapy pets is still new in Hong Kong and doesn’t have the same recognition as guide dogs for the blind.

Should Buskers be Licensed and Regulated?

Street performers tell Varsity about their thoughts on the current schemes regulating buskers in Hong Kong - would a licensing system help, or would it impose too many limitations?

Varsity Multimedia May 2011

Varsity's latest multimedia stories. Highlights include: the last sailing from Hung Hom to Central and a history of Hong Kong's cross-harbour ferries, Hong Kong's Shanghai barber shops and the growing number of Macau students in Hong Kong's universities.

Humanoid Robots – The New Servants in Our Modern Life

Robots have long been used in industry and manufacturing, but now, humanoid robots are being used to serve people in commercial and even domestic settings. Will these friendly robots one day replace us in the service industry as well?

Paradise Lost in North Point: Kai Yuen Street

Reporters: Katherine Chan, Samuel Chan, Edith Liu, Beverly Yau Before bulldozers moved in to demolish the tong lau or Chinese tenement buildings built in the...

Calls for Tougher Laws and Animal Police to Stop Animal Abuse in Hong Kong

Editors: Carmen Shih,Cherry Ge    Reporters: Natalie Cheng, Rene Lam, Derek Li Hong Kong lacks animal police and specific treatments for animal abusers In November, a photograph...
Hong Kong Focus Po Toi Island

Po Toi Island – The Gem in the Rough

Every weekend, tourists descend on the small island of Po Toi off the southern coast of Hong Kong. A tiny population still lives there without water and electricity. Residents, and conservationists consider whether or not the island should be developed, and how much.

Hong Kong’s Wet Markets Struggle to Survive

Reporters: Candy Chin, Hazel Chung, Jennifer Kwok, Phoebe Man As you walk along Fu Shin Street, the sound of vendors’ proclaiming their wares fills your...

Villages without Water

It's hard to imagine life without tap water in modern, affluent Hong Kong. But for those that live in the 20 plus villages that do not have treated water supply, this is a daily reality. Varsity meets the villagers who are fighting to have this most basic resource in their homes.

Salon Culture Brews Taiwan Blend Democracy

Taiwan's cafes and bookstores host to a vibrant salon culture that played an important part in the island's democracy and as Varsity discovers, continues to provide a platform for debate today.