Salon Culture Brews Taiwan Blend Democracy

Taiwan's cafes and bookstores host to a vibrant salon culture that played an important part in the island's democracy and as Varsity discovers, continues to provide a platform for debate today.

Hong Kong’s ‘Drifting’ Mainlanders

In recent years, the term 'gang piao', literally 'Hong Kong drifters' has been used to describe the educated young mainlanders who study and then work in Hong Kong. The gang piao identify with and have taken to Hong Kong's culture, language and values to varying degrees. Some mix only with other gang piao and speak Putonghua, while others have learnt Cantonese and find themselves changed by their Hong Kong experience. Varsity hears some of their stories.

The Hong Kong Fatshionistas

If the catwalks, advertisements and spreads in glossy magazines were anything to go by, you would think fashion was solely the preserve of the tall and thin. This mentality is often reflected in the lack of larger sizes on the rails in stores. Varsity meets the fashionistas who proudly proclaim that one size does NOT fit all!

New neutering policy to save thousands of stray dogs

An upcoming pilot scheme to neuter and release stray dogs may save thousands of the animals and help to stamp out illegal neutering operations, say animal welfare groups.

Varsity Multimedia May 2011

Varsity's latest multimedia stories. Highlights include: the last sailing from Hung Hom to Central and a history of Hong Kong's cross-harbour ferries, Hong Kong's Shanghai barber shops and the growing number of Macau students in Hong Kong's universities.

Street Performance Central in Mong Kok

Mong Kok's pedestrian street is known as a shopping paradise but it also an impromptu stage for a diverse bunch of performers after dark. Cantopop crooners, elderly moonwalking dancers and South American musicians can be found beside street theatre enthusiasts.

Cyclists Savour Life in the Slow-lane

Hong Kong is known for having a fast pace of life and fierce competitive streak. But not everyone is happy to participate in the rat race. Varsity meets some the Slow-mo cyclists, who have decided to literally slow down, wake up to the world around them and smell the roses.

Hong Kong’s squatter settlements – from transit points to cherished homes

Hong Kong's squatter settlements are an integral part of the territory's history. Since the 1980's, these shantytowns have been steadily demolished to make way for public housing estates, private residential developments and malls. Varsity speaks to residents who are still living in some of the remaining squatter homes. Some are waiting to move to public housing flats. Others, like the villagers of Ma Shi Po view their squatter houses as their home and never want to leave.

Raising Hope – The Future of Dolphins

The plight of an injured dolphin, later named Hope, in waters off Lantau island drew public attention to the dangers facing the Chinese White Dolphins around Hong Kong. Hope's eventual death led to calls for a protocol on dealing with the rescue of injured sea mammals in Hong Kong waters, and for greater monitoring of local dolphin watching tours.

Dancing Life

Dance may not be the most popular career choice for most university graduates but for some who have been bitten by the dancing bug, a life without dance is unthinkable.

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