Hong Kong Bikers Shrug off Gang Stereotypes

Biker groups are not all about bad boys in black leather and chains. Varsity talks to members of local motorbike clubs, who count doctors and businessmen among their number.

Capturing scenes from the city – the old fashioned way

In the age of the ubiquitous smartphone and digital camera, Varsity meets the artists who prefer to capture urban scenes using non-digital means.

A life outside work for Hong Kong’s Filipino helpers

Despite long working hours and low pay, the increasing number of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong find ways to enjoy a rich social life on their days off.

Thriving Hong Kong Fashion?

Hong Kong people love Korean, American and European fashion, but what happened to our own local style? Varsity looks at how local fashion designers are struggling at home despite their international recognition.

Sun sets on Hong Kong’s Shanghai Barber Shops

Hong Kong's barber shops used to be seen as stylish places to get the latest hairstyles and exemplary service. Now, they are seen as antiquated relics of a bygone age. Some Shanghai barbers are refusing to hang up their scissors just yet, but even they know the days of Shanghai barber shops in Hong Kong are numbered.

Singing in Sign

Imagine songs with lyrics but without words. Imagine sign language songs. Some advocates of sign language songs think they are a great way to bring the deaf and the hearing together and promote mutual understanding in a fun manner. But reality seems far more complicated. Varsity finds out why.

Zoroastrians in Hong Kong

Commonly referred to as the "fire-worshipping religion" in Chinese, followers of the ancient Zoroastrian faith have a long and illustrious history in Hong Kong. Yet most Hong Kongers know little about this community of business people and philanthropists whose numbers are falling. Varsity takes a look at Hong Kong's Parsees.

Customise your Ride

Varsity meets the motorists and bikers who go to extraordinary lengths – including possible brushes with the law - to modify the form and function of their cars and bikes.

The Hong Kong Fatshionistas

If the catwalks, advertisements and spreads in glossy magazines were anything to go by, you would think fashion was solely the preserve of the tall and thin. This mentality is often reflected in the lack of larger sizes on the rails in stores. Varsity meets the fashionistas who proudly proclaim that one size does NOT fit all!

The Behind-the-scenes Heroes of Hong Kong TV and Movies

The lives of stuntmen are a mystery to people outside the film production industry. The daredevil moves and seemingly impossible stunts performed by your favourite actors are often the efforts of the stuntmen and stuntwomen who put their lives on the line day in, day out. Varsity looks into this behind-the-scenes industry and the joys and pains of being a stuntman.

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Eating with Caution

With 8 per cent of Hong Kong children suffering from allergies, many parents avoid giving their kids many types of food. Varsity explores why this may not be a good measure and how some allergy tests available in the market are actually useless.

Telling Hong Kong’s Story

The mainland Chinese government is in charge of Hong Kong's foreign affairs, but some Hongkongers think their views are not being represented and have taken on "civic diplomacy" to tell the world about Hong Kong, through organising city tours, as well as musical performances and protests abroad.