The Behind-the-scenes Heroes of Hong Kong TV and Movies

The lives of stuntmen are a mystery to people outside the film production industry. The daredevil moves and seemingly impossible stunts performed by your favourite actors are often the efforts of the stuntmen and stuntwomen who put their lives on the line day in, day out. Varsity looks into this behind-the-scenes industry and the joys and pains of being a stuntman.
Hong Kong work life balance sunset

To Work or Live?

Hong Kong, where busy people work around the clock, came last in a survey on work-life balance in the Asia-Pacific region. According to a 2015 study by the recruitment agency Randstad, over 70 percent of workers felt they were obliged to take work calls even when they are on holiday. Varsity takes a closer look at the difficulties faced by workers in the city as they try to juggle work and life.

Hong Kong’s Wet Markets Struggle to Survive

Reporters: Candy Chin, Hazel Chung, Jennifer Kwok, Phoebe Man As you walk along Fu Shin Street, the sound of vendors’ proclaiming their wares fills your...

Sun sets on Hong Kong’s Shanghai Barber Shops

Hong Kong's barber shops used to be seen as stylish places to get the latest hairstyles and exemplary service. Now, they are seen as antiquated relics of a bygone age. Some Shanghai barbers are refusing to hang up their scissors just yet, but even they know the days of Shanghai barber shops in Hong Kong are numbered.
Hong Kong private museum Liang Yi

When Private Turns Public

More and more private museums have opened in Hong Kong in recent years. Unlike public museums, many of them showcase very specific interests. In a tiny place like Hong Kong, you can find museums featuring toys, furniture, camera equipment and even fans.

Singing in Sign

Imagine songs with lyrics but without words. Imagine sign language songs. Some advocates of sign language songs think they are a great way to bring the deaf and the hearing together and promote mutual understanding in a fun manner. But reality seems far more complicated. Varsity finds out why.

Living is not just surviving

Co-living has become a popular topic of discussion. It is a more affordable housing arrangement, and offers a community to be part of. It's also not just for young people. Varsity speaks to the elderly and former drug users to see how co-living has benefited them.

The Furry Therapists

Social workers say therapy animals can help draw socially withdrawn youth out of their shells, and their bedrooms. But the idea of therapy pets is still new in Hong Kong and doesn’t have the same recognition as guide dogs for the blind.

Bridging the Generation Gap

The generation gap between the elderly and the young is often highlighted on social media and in the mainstream media. But while conflicts might be inevitable, resolving them is not impossible. Though they may harbour biases towards each other, the old and the young can take the initiative to respect and understand one another.

Sino Centre: Witnessing the End of an Era

Mong Kok's Sino Centre was once a place of pilgrimmage for fans of Cantopop and local movie stars. In its heyday, fans used to queue up for hours to buy laminated photos of their idols. But those days are gone, and Sino Centre is now a repository of collective memories for a generation of Hongkongers.