Hong Kong Bikers Shrug off Gang Stereotypes

Biker groups are not all about bad boys in black leather and chains. Varsity talks to members of local motorbike clubs, who count doctors and businessmen among their number.

Thriving Hong Kong Fashion?

Hong Kong people love Korean, American and European fashion, but what happened to our own local style? Varsity looks at how local fashion designers are struggling at home despite their international recognition.

Local Bands Snub Government’s Flyover Venue Plans

Fly the Flyover is a project to turn the underpasses of Kowloon East into venues for rock concerts and other cultural events. The government says it will help to revitalise the area and provide more cultural spaces in Hong Kong. But local bands tell Varsity they believe the plan is just a ploy to jack up rents and squeeze them out of Kwun Tong's factory buildings.

Singing in Sign

Imagine songs with lyrics but without words. Imagine sign language songs. Some advocates of sign language songs think they are a great way to bring the deaf and the hearing together and promote mutual understanding in a fun manner. But reality seems far more complicated. Varsity finds out why.

Tea Dance waltzes into the Future

It started in the 1960's as gatherings where the young and cool went to dance, listen to the latest bands and just be seen, but the tea-dance is alive and well in 21st century Hong Kong. The world of the tea-dance is a world away from the hustle and bustle of urban Hong Kong. In dance-halls above street-level in commercial buildings, couples spend their afternoons practising their waltzes and striking poses for Latin dances.

Living a Green Lifestyle

There's more you can do to live an eco-friendly lifestyle than just recycling your waste. Here are some Hongkongers who go a bit further to be green.

Hong Kong’s Hand-crafted Violin Makers

Most people would not be able to tell apart a hand-crafted violin from a factory produced one. But the pursuit of the perfect sound and the appreciation of true aficionados keep Hong Kong's violin makers committed to their craft.

Sunbeam: Cantonese Opera’s Last Independent Theatre in HK

Reporters: Victor Chan, Melanie Leung, Nia Tam, Jasmine Wong For nearly four decades, Sunbeam Theatre in North Point has been synonymous with Cantonese Opera. That could...

Raising Hope – The Future of Dolphins

The plight of an injured dolphin, later named Hope, in waters off Lantau island drew public attention to the dangers facing the Chinese White Dolphins around Hong Kong. Hope's eventual death led to calls for a protocol on dealing with the rescue of injured sea mammals in Hong Kong waters, and for greater monitoring of local dolphin watching tours.

Through the Eyes of Hong Kong’s Mainland Students

Reporters: Piano Ho, Phyllis Lee, To Ting, Vinky Wong We may study in the same lecture rooms, dine in the same canteens, and even sleep...

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