Local apps developers seek to protect innovations

New apps appear on the market for consumers to download onto their mobile devices every day. But for the developers who spend their time and efforts to create them, there is little in the way of intellectual property protection. Varsity speaks to some of the innovators who say that being ripped off is simply a sad reality.

Finding the Spotlight

Mention musicals and most people will think of productions from New York's Broadway or London's West End. But a group of dedicated performers, writers, producers and musicians are working hard to put on local musicals performed in Cantonese. It's an uphill struggle, but they tell Varsity it is well worth the effort.

Sino Centre: Witnessing the End of an Era

Mong Kok's Sino Centre was once a place of pilgrimmage for fans of Cantopop and local movie stars. In its heyday, fans used to queue up for hours to buy laminated photos of their idols. But those days are gone, and Sino Centre is now a repository of collective memories for a generation of Hongkongers.

Tea Dance waltzes into the Future

It started in the 1960's as gatherings where the young and cool went to dance, listen to the latest bands and just be seen, but the tea-dance is alive and well in 21st century Hong Kong. The world of the tea-dance is a world away from the hustle and bustle of urban Hong Kong. In dance-halls above street-level in commercial buildings, couples spend their afternoons practising their waltzes and striking poses for Latin dances.

The Hong Kong Fatshionistas

If the catwalks, advertisements and spreads in glossy magazines were anything to go by, you would think fashion was solely the preserve of the tall and thin. This mentality is often reflected in the lack of larger sizes on the rails in stores. Varsity meets the fashionistas who proudly proclaim that one size does NOT fit all!

Havens for the Strays

Many small charitable dog shelters provide care and accommodation for stray dogs in Hong Kong. They are mostly self-financed and receive little support from the government. Varsity looks into some of the challenges and difficulties they face.

Snake King

Hong Kong is home to more than 50 species of snakes, some of which are poisonous. The territory also boasts a tradition of "snake kings", trained snake handlers who are experts at capturing wild snakes. Although snake kings also offer health tonics and delicacies made from snakes, they also work with conservationists to protect local snakes while keeping them away from humans.

Sunbeam: Cantonese Opera’s Last Independent Theatre in HK

Reporters: Victor Chan, Melanie Leung, Nia Tam, Jasmine Wong For nearly four decades, Sunbeam Theatre in North Point has been synonymous with Cantonese Opera. That could...

Macau Students in Hong Kong

More and more Macau students are applying to Hong Kong's universities. You might not notice them on Hong Kong's campuses because they speak the same language as local students and share a very similar culture. Varsity finds out what attracts them to learn in Hong Kong.

The Furry Therapists

Social workers say therapy animals can help draw socially withdrawn youth out of their shells, and their bedrooms. But the idea of therapy pets is still new in Hong Kong and doesn’t have the same recognition as guide dogs for the blind.