Finding the Spotlight

Mention musicals and most people will think of productions from New York's Broadway or London's West End. But a group of dedicated performers, writers, producers and musicians are working hard to put on local musicals performed in Cantonese. It's an uphill struggle, but they tell Varsity it is well worth the effort.

Life with an Extra Chromosome

A new non-invasive test for Down Syndrome in foetuses is safer and more accurate, and may some day wipe out the genetic disorder. Varsity chats with some members of the Downs community to find they live rich, meaningful lives and contribute fully in their workplaces.

Netbars Past, Netbars Future

Netbars, or internet cafes, are struggling to reinvent themselves to stay relevant to loyal and new customers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Hand-crafted Violin Makers

Most people would not be able to tell apart a hand-crafted violin from a factory produced one. But the pursuit of the perfect sound and the appreciation of true aficionados keep Hong Kong's violin makers committed to their craft.

Living is not just surviving

Co-living has become a popular topic of discussion. It is a more affordable housing arrangement, and offers a community to be part of. It's also not just for young people. Varsity speaks to the elderly and former drug users to see how co-living has benefited them.

Viewing Hong Kong history through protest

While the sheer volume and creativity of the art and visual culture of the recent Umbrella Movement is unprecedented in Hong Kong's history, the territory does have a history of protest and protest culture. Varsity takes a look at how protest objects and their collection have changed over the years.

Humanoid Robots – The New Servants in Our Modern Life

Robots have long been used in industry and manufacturing, but now, humanoid robots are being used to serve people in commercial and even domestic settings. Will these friendly robots one day replace us in the service industry as well?

Gear up for STEM

Varsity speaks to students and teachers to learn how the Enriched IT Programme helps cultivate young STEM talents.

Hong Kong’s Wet Markets Struggle to Survive

Reporters: Candy Chin, Hazel Chung, Jennifer Kwok, Phoebe Man As you walk along Fu Shin Street, the sound of vendors’ proclaiming their wares fills your...

Esports in Hong Kong — More Than Just Entertainment

People who play video games professionally are taking advantage of the growing industry in China, Taiwan, and elsewhere in the world, but aspiring pro-gamers in Hong Kong are having trouble catching up to their peers.