Hong Kong kids healthy diet

Start Early, Eat Smart

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in Hong Kong, and it's getting worse. Meet the schools and healthy food advocates trying to stem the tide, as well as one parent who took a part-time job just so she can cook for her kids.

Living a Green Lifestyle

There's more you can do to live an eco-friendly lifestyle than just recycling your waste. Here are some Hongkongers who go a bit further to be green.

Masters and Apprentices in the World of Martial Arts

The bonds between masters and apprentices are part of Chinese martial arts folklore. In the old days, the master a combination of parent, teacher and mentor - a figure to be obeyed. How can these bonds survive in the 21st century where martial arts are not necessarily a philosophy and way of life but can also be just a hobby or way of keeping fit?

Cyclists Savour Life in the Slow-lane

Hong Kong is known for having a fast pace of life and fierce competitive streak. But not everyone is happy to participate in the rat race. Varsity meets some the Slow-mo cyclists, who have decided to literally slow down, wake up to the world around them and smell the roses.
Hong Kong private museum Liang Yi

When Private Turns Public

More and more private museums have opened in Hong Kong in recent years. Unlike public museums, many of them showcase very specific interests. In a tiny place like Hong Kong, you can find museums featuring toys, furniture, camera equipment and even fans.

Singing in Sign

Imagine songs with lyrics but without words. Imagine sign language songs. Some advocates of sign language songs think they are a great way to bring the deaf and the hearing together and promote mutual understanding in a fun manner. But reality seems far more complicated. Varsity finds out why.

Local Bands Snub Government’s Flyover Venue Plans

Fly the Flyover is a project to turn the underpasses of Kowloon East into venues for rock concerts and other cultural events. The government says it will help to revitalise the area and provide more cultural spaces in Hong Kong. But local bands tell Varsity they believe the plan is just a ploy to jack up rents and squeeze them out of Kwun Tong's factory buildings.

Zoroastrians in Hong Kong

Commonly referred to as the "fire-worshipping religion" in Chinese, followers of the ancient Zoroastrian faith have a long and illustrious history in Hong Kong. Yet most Hong Kongers know little about this community of business people and philanthropists whose numbers are falling. Varsity takes a look at Hong Kong's Parsees.

The Art of Protest – Politics Finds Artistic Expression in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's colourful protest culture is increasingly infused with artistic elements, just as themes of politics and protest are increasingly expressed in artworks by local artists. Varsity takes a look at Hong Kong's art of protest.

Farming without Soil

Urban development may seem to have killed off agriculture in Hong Kong, but, hydroponics and aquaponics are emerging as alternative farming methods which could revive local agriculture.