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Leung Mo-zi, 48, is a retired feng shui consultant who started practising feng shui 20 years ago. He noticed a pattern among the people who sought his advice over the years. “Males asked for wealth while females asked for marriage,” says Leung without hesitation. “[This is] the law that never changes.”

Another thing Leung notices is that feng shui is no longer an interest just for the middle-aged or elderly, but has become more popular among young people. “The youngest [customer] was only 14,” he says. Leung felt very surprised when the 14-year-old girl first contacted him through his blog and asked for fortune-telling.

Leung says not only are more and more young people becoming curious about feng shui, some even try to compare the accuracy and usefulness of feng shui with western horoscopes or tarot-reading.

The modernisation of feng shui has also engaged young people in the ancient practice. Leung says the old-style feng shui manuals can now be replaced by computer software to assist fortune-telling.

Leung believes this can save time and reduces errors. “It is much more convenient these days,” he says. “But ironically, some conventional customers question the accuracy of this modern method.”

While younger feng shui enthusiasts prefer the efficiency of feng shui 2.0, the traditional methods are still preferred by the older generation.

What kept Leung practising feng shui for so many years was the satisfaction he got from helping others, especially those who were poor or unemployed. Apart from being a consultant, Leung also offered feng shui courses to spread the knowledge and encourage people to help others.

Leung had his own way of choosing who to teach. Before admitting students, Leung first looked at their physiognomy and personalities to make sure they had a good heart and would only use feng shui in a positive way. “I don’t want my students to use feng shui to hurt anyone,” Leung says.

Now that Leung has retired, his next goal is to write a book and share his experiences and knowledge of feng shui. He hopes the book will be passed down from generation to generation, and more and more people can use feng shui to help others.

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