Long Live Live Shows!

People crave for live shows as the pandemic situation eases. By Lilac Ye University student...

Stand Up and Speak Out – Editor’s Note

2022 was a difficult year for the entire world, and we are still running into obstacles and resistance as the pandemic...

Money for Assignments

Some Chinese students overseas turn to ghostwriting services to meet their families’ high expectations.

Pandemic-Depressed Students

More Hong Kong secondary school students suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety in recent years due to the pandemic.

Mainland TV fans: Stop cutting “Friends”!

TV shows are censored in China for ideological unity.

Ukrainians in Hong Kong

https://vimeo.com/710635827 Reporters: Phoebe Chu, Carrie Lock, Charlie Chun Editor: Angel Woo

Life Without Vaccine Pass

The unvaccinated have to pay a higher price under tightened pandemic restrictions. Amelie Yeung Reyna...

Goodbye Hong Kong!

International students have left Hong Kong before the school term ends because of the Omicron outbreak.

Good Photos with Poor Eyesight

Three visually impaired photographers share their experience of taking photos under the help of an organisation promoting sensory photography.

Virtual Boyfriends

Female gamers in China look for love in the cyberworld.