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In line with his wish that other disabled people can experience the surprises and blessings that have enhanced his life, Mok is inviting the visually impaired to join Adventure-Ship, a sailing programme organised by Hong Kong Blind Sports Association, targeting youths with disabilities.

And he is bracing himself for more adventure in November, when he will be a member of the first team of blind and deaf people to take part in Oxfam’s Trailwalker. The 100-km hike for charity is a gruelling test of strength and endurance. The team will comprise two blind and two deaf members from Fearless Dragon.

Participating in Oxfam Trailwalker is Mok’s dream. He has no fear of the difficulties he may face in the race. “It may not be very difficult to fulfil your dream, but to keep putting in effort and persevering is the most difficult part,” he says. “When you take one step forward, you will be one step nearer to your dream.”