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Hong Kong children free play

Shall We Play?

Under the Gaze

The Word Warrior

An Independent Life

Hong Kong Kongish new kind of English

Do you speak Kongish ar?

Calligraphy Hong Kong

The Lost Beauty of Words

Made in Hong Kong local manufacturing industry

Made in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Toyau rural life workshop


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Periscope April 2018 – Turbulence Ahead?

Hong Kong's status as a regional and international aviation centre and hub has long been a source of pride to the city's residents. But...

Getting on the flight path

Hong Kong's status as an aviation centre is enshrined in the Basic Law, but over the years, aviation education and training have lagged behind, exacerbating a labour shortage problem. With a huge expected increase in demand for manpower after the third runway is built, what's being done to catch up?

Cabin Crew Blues

As airlines cut costs in the face of the fierce competition, front-line staff have to put up with heavier workloads and frustrated customers. We talk to flight attendants and ground-handling workers about their working conditions.