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Cook up a storm in the kitchen of your dreams – for one night

By Jessica Li

If you want to prepare a meal for a big group of friends but do not have enough space at home to accommodate everyone, you might consider renting a kitchen. Rent-A-Kitchen has two sleekly designed venues in the Kwun Tong industrial area, both of which have a kitchen, bar and dining area. The larger, 1,000 square feet Party Kitchen can accommodate up to 30 people, while the 400 sq ft Kitchen Studio is more suited to intimate gatherings.

The overview of the big kitchen. Photo courtesy of Calanthia Wong

Calanthia Wong, who enjoys good food and cooking, founded Rent-A-Kitchen two years ago when she noticed that there is limited space in Hong Kong for people to have an enjoyable cooking and dining experience. “Most Hong Kong people live in cramped spaces of just a couple of hundred square feet. They have little personal space,” Wong says. “There’s no room for you to prepare a meal for your partner or friends.”

Rent-A-Kitchen provides a wide range of facilities for renters, including stoves, full-size ovens, refrigerators, cooking utensils, bowls and plates, cutlery and various types of seasoning. If you are unsure about how to use certain facilities, Wong would be happy to teach you. Apart from being a place for cooking and dining, Rent-A-Kitchen also offers a range of entertainment facilities, such as television, Play Station 4 and mahjong.

Fresh Tomato Pasta
You can cook Fresh Tomato Pasta in the kitchen. Photo courtesy of Calanthia Wong

Wong says many of the customers are couples who wish to prepare a nice meal together. She says there are no security cameras, giving them more privacy. Best of all, customers do not have to clean their own dishes after their meal. “No one likes to wash dishes,” Wong says. “You can just leave after you dine and play here, you don’t have to worry about cleaning.”

The space is not just rented by foodlovers. Some engaged couples have taken pre-wedding photos at the venues, and companies have organised employee team-building activities there. Some media and advertising companies have also rented the place for photo shoots and filming television programmes. For more details, head to

Edited by Tiffany Tsim

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