Camera Eats First

Taking a sip of photogenic bubble tea and posting it on social media has become a fad in Hong Kong, which has a strong influence on the bubble tea market..

Dress Sense

Local clothing rental startups aim to change the conception of renting dresses and reduce clothing waste. Customers not only pay less but can also keep up with the latest fashion trends by renting instead of buying clothing.

Shop Naked

To combat excessive food packaging, the concept of “shopping naked” is gaining popularity in Hong Kong, as more consumers and specialised grocery stores take part in the initiative in a bid to protect the environment.

Wearing Colours from Nature

Max To Hok-chi, founder of the first indigo dyeing workshop in Hong Kong and local NGOs bring organic craftsmanship to local communities in the era of speed and quantity.

Revision Provision

Inspired by the concept of shared space, private study rooms have become the latest trend for local students. The business has soared recently, as more companies try to tap into this new market with huge potential.

Tabletop Fantasy

Despite the popularity of video, online, mobile, and virtual reality gaming, board game culture has been on the rise in Hong Kong in recent years. But it's more than a hobby- board game designers and specialists are integrating board games into education.

Dolls for Dementia

Dolls aren't just for children. Researchers have found that comfort dolls can be used as a form of therapy to help people with dementia. More elderly care centers and institutions are now using comfort dolls, but are they doing it in a structured and therapeutic manner?

Veggie Food Fears

As more and more people embrace vegetarian diets for health and environmental reasons, food manufacturers have responded by marketing vegetarian food products, including meat analogues. But as Varsity discovers, not all vegetarian food is healthy, especially if it's highly processed.

Rolling with film

Digital cameras began to outsell film cameras in 2003 and nowadays most of us take more photos with our phones than with cameras. However, some young people are rediscovering the magic of analogue shooting in a digital age.

Picking Your Own Food

Hong Kong has abundant wild plants because of its location in a sub-tropical climate zone. This makes it an ideal environment for foraging for food and medicinal plants, but most people have lost the traditional knowledge of how to identify and use the rich natural gifts in our environment.