Knitting With Youngsters

Youngsters enjoy knitting in the UK while the culture is fading in Hong Kong.

Paint My City

Hong Kong artists use their brushes to record the city.

Culture of Maid Cafés in Hong Kong

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Date Virtual Boyfriend in Real Life

Mainland Chinese girls pay to date other girls dressed up like virtual boyfriends in mobile games. By Cynthia Hu

Catch Me If You Can

Webtoon creators insist on pursuing their career despite content being stolen. By Charlie Chun

Is AI Killing Art?

AI-powered drawing programs become double-edged swords to artists' careers.

Mainland TV fans: Stop cutting “Friends”!

TV shows are censored in China for ideological unity.

Promoting Philosophy in Hong Kong

Philosophy students and lecturers from university are trying to creatively promote philosophy to Hongkongers.

Life Without Vaccine Pass

The unvaccinated have to pay a higher price under tightened pandemic restrictions. Amelie Yeung Reyna...

Virtual Boyfriends

Female gamers in China look for love in the cyberworld.