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Multimedia May 2014

When Children Age Quicker than Their Parents

The intellectually disabled age more quickly than other people. This means they need services aimed at the elderly before they are officially entitled to it. Activists are campaigning to redefine old age for this group, so that they too can enjoy social benefits for the elderly.

The Childcare Gap

Hong Kong faces an aging population and a shrinking workforce, yet many women are deterred from rejoining the workforce and families put off having children, due to the lack of affordable and accessible childcare services. Varsity meets some of the mothers struggling to strike a balance between working and looking after their children.

PMI: A Better Choice For Chinese Teachers?

As more and more schools choose to teach Chinese in Putonghua, many local teachers and teachers-to-be fear they will be passed over for teachers who speak Putonghua as their mother tongue. There are signs that some schools would rather hire native Putonghua speakers to teach Chinese even if they have no university training in Chinese language. But should this really be a criterion for picking Chinese teachers?

Customise your Ride

Varsity meets the motorists and bikers who go to extraordinary lengths – including possible brushes with the law - to modify the form and function of their cars and bikes.

Zoroastrians in Hong Kong

Commonly referred to as the "fire-worshipping religion" in Chinese, followers of the ancient Zoroastrian faith have a long and illustrious history in Hong Kong. Yet most Hong Kongers know little about this community of business people and philanthropists whose numbers are falling. Varsity takes a look at Hong Kong's Parsees.