War at Dinner Table

The differences in life experiences, core values, beliefs between generations have led to family conflicts over the social movement.

Hands Across The Strait

Young activists, with some facing criminal charges, fled to Taiwan to receive temporary residency and mental care from local non-government organizations.

Support Sent from the ’80s

The anti-ELAB movement reminds Koreans of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising. Korean students and witnesses of the Gwangju Uprising share their story of freedom fight and their sympathy for the movement in Hong Kong.

Helping Hands

Hong Kong volunteers offer helping hands on the basic needs of frontline protesters and secondary school students who actively participated in the social movement.

Periscope December 2019 – Border Terrors

Hong Kong people are fearful of losing their freedoms and being fully integrated with the Chinese mainland, which...

Luggage Full of Fear

Weekend getaways to mainland China have gained popularity among Hong Kong people in recent years. However, some travellers now have grown fear travelling to the Mainland over concerns of privacy and safety.

Students’ Fear of Learning Across the Border

Students’ fear of phone checks and interrogation by mainland officers amid the city’s month-long anti-government movement has sparked debate about the need of having attachment programmes in China. 

Shadow of White Terror

Hong Kong employees sense an atmosphere of fear which forces them to keep silent about their political stances as some of them are fired after expressing support for the city’s pro-democracy movement.

Go Global

Local protesters reach out to the international community through digital platforms while those overseas help by informing people around them.

Unease Beneath the Black

Throughout the Anti-ELAB Movement in the past few months, protesters are showing a strong awareness of personal data and surveillance concerns. Varsity talks to protesters and experts about privacy issues.