Social Media Empower Social Movement

Telegram and LIHKG, two social media platforms, play a significant role in mobilisation of Hong Kong protesters during the city’s months-long anti-government movement.

Periscope November 2019 – Smoke, Screens and Visions

Hong Kong has been plagued by ongoing “leaderless and be water” protests as protesters plan every rally with a fluid and...

Periscope May 2019 – Bon Voyage?

Crowned as “Pearl of the Orient” and “Asia’s World City”, Hong Kong has been a popular tourist destination. Tourism is a...

Sprouting New Markets

Alternative tour operators offer new choices to diversify the city’s tourism offerings and explore the growing markets of ecotourism and cultural tourism.

A Hospitable City?

Hong Kong was ranked the fourth-lowest in the 2019 Smiling Report, a survey based on assessments of mystery shoppers across the world. Why isn't Hong Kong smiling? Varsity talks to catering workers and union representatives to figure out why.

Rage against Tourism

Huge influx of tourists, especially from the Mainland, has brought disturbance to the daily life of local residents, as well as criticisms of the government's incompetence in handling the problem.

Periscope April 2019 – Finding the Right Care

The structural problem of overcapacity has long existed in the public medical sector. With increasing number of patients, public hospitals in...

Every Second Counts

First aid is a crucial yet overlooked part of medical service. More citizens now have to learn first aid to make time for the paramedics to save lives.

Traditional but Unconventional

Hong Kong’s first Chinese medicine hospital is expected to open in late 2024. The hospital will integrate Chinese and Western medicine elements.

Home Sweet Home

With the growing elderly population in Hong Kong, foreign labour might be a solution to the problem of lack of caregivers.