Adopt, Don’t Buy

Pet lovers are encouraged to adopt animals instead of purchasing them. Animal rights concern groups urge the government to put more effort in promoting pet adoption culture,

Yuen Long Has Its Silver Lining

The pro-democratic camp swept through the District Council election 2019 and brings a shift in political power. Varsity looks at how things are changing in Yuen Long District, where the 7.21 incident happened.

Earning A Living In Fear

Domestic helpers stay in Hong Kong to make a living despite fears over the social unrest and the coronavirus outbreak. Varsity explores the concerns of these foreign workers.

When Life comes to an End

Patients in their last stage of life can choose the end-of-life treatment they receive by signing an advance directive, but medical workers, paramedics and their family members have little knowledge about the directive.

Toddler Stress Woes

Children as young as toddlers are now dealing with stress from parental expectations and kindergarten hunting.

Elderly Rise up amid Protests

Senior citizens connect with young people by accessing youth-oriented social media and standing at the forefront in protests.

Reading News beyond the Firewall

Mainland students who study outside the Great Firewall of China have different news consumption habits, which influence their views on Hong Kong protests.

In Dialogue with Youths

Aiming to bond with the youth, the government has launched the Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth two years ago. Varsity investigates the effectiveness of the scheme.

Take a U-Turn

University education is no longer a prerequisite for a promising career path. Some graduates are turning to blue-collar jobs to gain satisfaction in life.

Artist Career: Viable or Impossible?

There are 200 to 300 fine arts graduates each year, and many of them aspire to be full-time artists. However, fierce competition and lack of support make it hard for them to pursue a career in art.