Under the Gaze

The taunt "If you come out to protest, you should expect to be groped!" is but one example of how female protesters were targeted during the Occupy Central movement last year. What's the difference between the experiences of women in politics, and that of their male counterparts here?

The Lonely Struggle For Recognition

In America, any disease affecting about one in 1,500 people is defined as a rare disease, in European Union countries, the figure is one in 2,000 people and in Taiwan, one in 10,000 people. But in Hong Kong, there is no definition of what counts as a rare disease, let alone any legislation safeguarding their rights. Sufferers tell Varsity how this affects their treatment and care.

Hong Kong Rainbow Families

It takes more than blood ties to make a happy family. Adoption can be a fulfilling way to create a family. Here Varsity speaks with Hong Kong families that have transcended genetics and race to build loving and lasting bonds.

World City Losing World Travellers

Hong Kong has long been regarded as a World City that accommodates tourists from all over the world. But the huge increase in the number of mainland tourists in recent years has dampened its attractiveness to other international tourists. Is Hong Kong losing its competitive edge in tourism?

Hungry for a decent diet

The word 'hunger' seems out of place in affluent Hong Kong, but research shows many low-income households in the city struggle to get a decent diet. One study found that 40,000 people can't afford to eat three meals a day.

Hong Kong’s Young Dream of Greener Pastures

Pollution, the high cost of property and living expenses, political discord - all are push factors for young people in Hong Kong who dream of emigrating to what they believe may be greener pastures overseas. A Varsity poll found that more than half of Hong Kong university students surveyed would like to emigrate. Here, we talk to those who want to leave, those who have left and those who have come back.

Time to be a Dad

Hong Kong lags behind other developed economies in providing paternity leave for new fathers but the government is hoping to set an example by giving male civil servants paid paternity leave. Varsity talks to some fathers about what being home during the first days of the children's lives means to them.

Surviving Single Fatherhood

What happens when a man suddenly finds himself a lone parent? Single and working mothers have always had to juggle career and family but for many single dads, lone parenthood provides fresh challenges. And as Varsity hears, opening up emotionally and asking for help are two of the biggest difficulties

Differing Fortunes Await Young Politicians Across Political Divide

More and more young people are entering politics in Hong Kong, but what kind of support can they expect? Varsity learns young politicians in the pro-establishment camp have access to far more resources than their pan-demoracy counterparts.

Best of Both Worlds?

More and more local families are sending their children to international schools in Hong Kong. Some do it to escape the high-pressure test culture of local schools, others for the English learning environment. But what are the pros and cons of this choice and what does the future look like for these students?

Latest stories

Calling for More Tree Surgeons

Urban trees are an integral part of Hong Kong’s cityscape but there aren’t enough trained tree experts to manage and take care of them. The government and education sector are trying to change that, but for now working conditions are keeping newcomers away.

The Digital Divide

Varsity meets two groups of people who are challenged technologically - residents in remote villages and the elderly - to understand their sufferings and hopes.

Dining with Barriers

Wheelchair users share their experiences of dining out and tell us how well-equiped local restaurants are to serving people with disabilities.