Students Seek Riches in Direct Selling

By Hazel Chung Chin Ching and Vinky Wong Hiu-ying It has hosted cheering crowds for countless pop concerts and sporting events, but on this night,...

When a Talent is Neglected

Parents of Hong Kong's gifted children fear that without adequate resources to support and nuture their children, the territory's brightest kids could become underachievers. By Dora Chiu and Lotus Lau
Hong Kong livestock industry shrinking pigs

Local Meat Disappearing from Hong Kong Tables

Hong Kong's livestock industry is not only shrinking and lacking in government support; the city doesn't have enough experienced vets, resulting in a system with “industry outsiders leading the industry insiders.” Can the rise of locally grown food change this?

B&B Hong Kong Style

B&B or "bed and breakfast" is a popular choice of accommodation for travellers in many parts of the world, including Asian destinations such as Taiwan and Japan but in Hong Kong, many of them operate in a grey area due to the lack of specific regulations.

Mainstreaming Mothers’ Milk

The recent dispute over the shortage of infant formula highlighted tensions between Hong Kong and the Mainland. But it also shone a light on the territory's low breastfeeding rate. The ratio of mothers who still breastfeed their babies after six months lags behind most Asian countries and regions. As Varsity discovers, many mothers complain Hong Kong lacks a supportive environment for breastfeeding.

The Lonely Struggle For Recognition

In America, any disease affecting about one in 1,500 people is defined as a rare disease, in European Union countries, the figure is one in 2,000 people and in Taiwan, one in 10,000 people. But in Hong Kong, there is no definition of what counts as a rare disease, let alone any legislation safeguarding their rights. Sufferers tell Varsity how this affects their treatment and care.

Making the Cut

Trees are a welcome sight in our concrete jungle, but they often suffer from crowding, pollution and inappropriate care. Apart from causing damage to the trees, the poor management of trees also poses a risk to human safety. Conservationists and arborists - or tree doctors - say Hong Kong needs a Tree Ordinance and better urban planning are need to improve tree management.

Green Message in a Bottle

With the launch of a government sponsored recycling scheme and the promotion of eco-bricks made from recycled glass, Hong Kong may finally be ready to scale-up glass recycling. By Carmen Shih and Yvonne Yeung

Safeguarding Personal Data

We live in a world of unsolicited junk calls, junk letters and junk e-mails. Often we wonder how these cold-callers and message senders managed to get our contact and other personal details. Help could be at hand in the shape of tightened regulations on handling personal data and tougher penalties for those who misuse personal information.

Doctorate Dilemmas

With a surge in the number of PhD graduates and scarce job opportunities in academia, local PhD graduates are finding it harder to find research and teaching jobs in universities. Varsity hears how they can often be at a disadvantage to holders of overseas doctorates.

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Eating with Caution

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Telling Hong Kong’s Story

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