School’s not for everyone

More an more young people are struggling in Hong Kong's education system and some drop out of secondary school without taking their public exams. They may try to seek different paths, but it's hard in a society that still values conventional qualifications.

Time to be a Dad

Hong Kong lags behind other developed economies in providing paternity leave for new fathers but the government is hoping to set an example by giving male civil servants paid paternity leave. Varsity talks to some fathers about what being home during the first days of the children's lives means to them.

Living and Learning in Parallel

Hong Kong's universities are pursuing internationalisation to attract students from around the globe and to boost their standing in world rankings. But some international students are disappointed when they get here and discover they are living in 'parallel' campuses to local students.

Bidding a Green Farewell to Life

Floral tributes made from ribbons, paper coffins and recycled mourning clothes would go a long way in cutting down the waste generated at a conventional funeral. But despite efforts to promote green funerals in Hong Kong, traditional attitudes and beliefs along with reluctance on the part of commercial undertakers, are proving to be obstacles.
E textbooks

Swipe to Learn

The Hong Kong government and some schools are optimistic about e-textbooks being the way of the future. But that's not going so well. Why?

Mainstreaming Mothers’ Milk

The recent dispute over the shortage of infant formula highlighted tensions between Hong Kong and the Mainland. But it also shone a light on the territory's low breastfeeding rate. The ratio of mothers who still breastfeed their babies after six months lags behind most Asian countries and regions. As Varsity discovers, many mothers complain Hong Kong lacks a supportive environment for breastfeeding.

The Model Asian

The sight of more than 100 topless hunks waving from the upper deck of an open-top bus in Central this summer provoked caterwauls, admiration, criticism and envy. Most of the models hired by American fashion retailer Abercrombie and Fitch to promote the opening of their Hong Kong store, were recruited from overseas. But there were a few locals as well and they reported a much more muted response from customers. What does the whole episode tell us about how the East Asian male body is perceived in Hong Kong?

A Closed Book

Earlier this year, the Ombudsman called the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to task for throwing away hundreds of thousands of books and other printed items from public libraries, instead of donating them. With ever increasing purchases and falling lending rates, is it time to rethink how our public libraries are stocked and run?

Fix it!

The cheap cost of consumer goods encourages a throwaway culture where people chuck things when they break without regard of the harmful environmental impacts. Some people still remember the good old alternative to tossing stuff away - fixing them.
Hong Kong children free play

Shall We Play?

Children in Hong Kong have to juggle tests, homework, extra-curricular activities...and now some schools have forbidden running and jumping during recess. What happens to children when they don't get enough time for free play?