Making the Cut

Trees are a welcome sight in our concrete jungle, but they often suffer from crowding, pollution and inappropriate care. Apart from causing damage to the trees, the poor management of trees also poses a risk to human safety. Conservationists and arborists - or tree doctors - say Hong Kong needs a Tree Ordinance and better urban planning are need to improve tree management.

Artist Career: Viable or Impossible?

There are 200 to 300 fine arts graduates each year, and many of them aspire to be full-time artists. However, fierce competition and lack of support make it hard for them to pursue a career in art.

Doulas in Demand

Parents of Dragon Year babies can expect competition for many services and goods. From hospital beds to baby formula and down the road, school places. But for the new parents, there is also a scramble for the services of doulas who give specialised help to new mums.

When a Talent is Neglected

Parents of Hong Kong's gifted children fear that without adequate resources to support and nuture their children, the territory's brightest kids could become underachievers. By Dora Chiu and Lotus Lau

Tapping into the Future

The popularity of mobile apps presents some of the best I.T. opportunities since the bursting of the internet bubble burst in 2000 and some Hong Kong developers are grasping those opportunities. Varsity asks what they need to survive and thrive in this competitive field?

Green Message in a Bottle

With the launch of a government sponsored recycling scheme and the promotion of eco-bricks made from recycled glass, Hong Kong may finally be ready to scale-up glass recycling. By Carmen Shih and Yvonne Yeung

A Bright Future?

The government and power companies rolled out a new purchase scheme to encourage the production of usage of renewable energy. However, users still face many difficulties in actual implementation.

Sign On

Since the 1970s, the government has stressed the teaching of children with hearing impairments in mainstream schools using spoken and written language, possibly leading to a decline in the use of sign language. Can growing support for adopting a sign-oral language bilingual approach help to reverse the trend?

Looming Threat of School Bus

Around one-fourth of registered school buses riding on the road are without seat belts or safer seats, posing a looming threat to students' safety.

Workplace Woes

Bullying is rampant in Hong Kong workplaces but as Varsity discovers, it's not recognised by the law, few companies have policies on it and few victims report it.