Workplace Woes

Bullying is rampant in Hong Kong workplaces but as Varsity discovers, it's not recognised by the law, few companies have policies on it and few victims report it.

B&B Hong Kong Style

B&B or "bed and breakfast" is a popular choice of accommodation for travellers in many parts of the world, including Asian destinations such as Taiwan and Japan but in Hong Kong, many of them operate in a grey area due to the lack of specific regulations.

Tapping into the Future

The popularity of mobile apps presents some of the best I.T. opportunities since the bursting of the internet bubble burst in 2000 and some Hong Kong developers are grasping those opportunities. Varsity asks what they need to survive and thrive in this competitive field?

Squatters Keepers

When is a landowner not a landowner? According to the law of adverse possession, squatters can claim ownership of land they have occupied without the owners' consent after a statutory period of time. Advocates say squatters' rights ensure land is used while critics argue it is a kind of theft. Whatever the case, it seems adverse possession disputes are set to increase Hong Kong continues to press ahead with urban redevelopment and the development of rural areas.

Bidding a Green Farewell to Life

Floral tributes made from ribbons, paper coffins and recycled mourning clothes would go a long way in cutting down the waste generated at a conventional funeral. But despite efforts to promote green funerals in Hong Kong, traditional attitudes and beliefs along with reluctance on the part of commercial undertakers, are proving to be obstacles.

Play Safe

Many children in Hong Kong use smartphones and tablets everyday, but unlike cinemas, the Internet is not a space where they can be easily shielded from violent or pornographic content.

Hard to be a Hyperactive Grown-up

In Hong Kong, society has become far more aware of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, in children. What many are unaware of is the ADHD also affects adults - and delayed diagnosis can leave adults with the condition suffering from low self-esteem and even depression.
E textbooks

Swipe to Learn

The Hong Kong government and some schools are optimistic about e-textbooks being the way of the future. But that's not going so well. Why?

Living with a Stoma

With support and some adjustments, people with stomas can lead full and active lives. but in Hong Kong those who have to use ostomy bags to collect their bodily waste often face ignorance, stigma and financial pressures in their everyday lives.

Homemakers Back on the Job Market

Hong Kong’s ageing population means there’s a shortage of labour. Some women who put their work and careers on hold to raise their children want to get back to the workplace, but it’s not always a smooth transition.