Halal Taste Hunt

Hong Kong is home to 300,000 Muslims, but there are only 72 halal-certified restaurants in the city. Local Muslims are in turn calling for a more diverse selection of halal cuisines.

A Wordy Debate

An official signboard in the New Territories written in simplified Chinese sparked a backlash against the writing system. Purists fear simplified characters will replace traditional characters in Hong Kong.

Gambling Away Youth

Young gamblers play a high stakes game with their future. Varsity talks to youngsters who brush off their gambling habit as being part of human nature and a harmless leisure activity, and to the social workers who warn of the dangers of gambling addiction.

Children come first?

Proposed amendments to current family law seek to encourage divorced couples to co-parent. While it might be good for the children to keep both parents in their lives, victims of domestic violence fear their abuse will continue under co-parenting provisions.

Marry First, Love Later

Arranged marriage may seem like an anomaly in a society saturated by images and stories of love, romance and dream weddings. But for many members of Hong Kong's ethnic minorities, arranged marriage is a cultural norm and an accepted fact of life. Varsity listens to their stories.

Living and Learning in Parallel

Hong Kong's universities are pursuing internationalisation to attract students from around the globe and to boost their standing in world rankings. But some international students are disappointed when they get here and discover they are living in 'parallel' campuses to local students.

Sign Up or Sign Off

Colourful neon signs and traditional signboards which leave tourists a dazzling image of Hong Kong can also be dangerous ticking bombs. Varsity looks into how Hong Kong should preserve her vibrant cityscape without endangering public safety.

Living with a Stoma

With support and some adjustments, people with stomas can lead full and active lives. but in Hong Kong those who have to use ostomy bags to collect their bodily waste often face ignorance, stigma and financial pressures in their everyday lives.

Hong Kong’s Young Dream of Greener Pastures

Pollution, the high cost of property and living expenses, political discord - all are push factors for young people in Hong Kong who dream of emigrating to what they believe may be greener pastures overseas. A Varsity poll found that more than half of Hong Kong university students surveyed would like to emigrate. Here, we talk to those who want to leave, those who have left and those who have come back.

Hungry for a decent diet

The word 'hunger' seems out of place in affluent Hong Kong, but research shows many low-income households in the city struggle to get a decent diet. One study found that 40,000 people can't afford to eat three meals a day.