Who Cares for the Carers?

Caring for family members with mental illness can be a lonely, difficult and stressful experience. Social stigma, a lack of social support and financial pressures add to the burden for carers and leaves them vulnerable to mental health problems themselves. Here, carers share their stories of frustration and hope.

Professionals Get Political

With stable jobs and incomes, professionals tend to keep quiet when it comes to politics. But in recent years, more professionals have been willing to speak out to safeguard the city’s core values. Some pan-democratic professionals have set up new platforms to gather like-minded peers to advocate for democracy within their sectors.

November 2012 – Read On

This issue of Varsity looks at books and reading in Hong Kong. The city is often described as a cultural and literary desert whose...

The New Alumni Movement

Over the summer, groups of younger alumni from some of Hong Kong's top schools launched high-profile, and successful, campaigns to prevent their alma maters from joining the Direct Subsidy Scheme. Add these to the many alumni concern groups that formed to oppose the government's proposal to mandate compulsory national education last year - and it seems we are witnessing the emergence of a new alumni movement. And as Varsity discovers, these groups are very different to traditional alumni associations.
changing idea of family in Hong Kong

We are Family

Some young Hongkongers have drastically different ideas of what a family is, compared to their parents -- from open relationships and having children to treating their friends as family. A Varsity survey finds Hong Kong's political woes have put some youngsters off from having children.

March 2015 – Civic Awakening

The 79 day occupation of sites in Admiralty, Mong Kok and Causeway Bay ended without protesters winning any concessions from the government on their...

Rough Justice

After years of suffering in silence, former juvenile offenders are speaking up about alleged abuse by prison officers in Hong Kong's detention centres for young offenders. They say the current complaints system for reporting cases of abuse is ineffective and lacks independence.

Hong Kong after Occupy

More than a month after police teargas at protesters and tens of thousands of people took part in the occupation of areas in Admiralty, Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, the number of occupiers has fallen but many are still holding out to express their demand for what they see as true universal suffrage. Hong Kong's democratic journey did not begin with the Occupy Movement and it is unlikely to end once the occupiers have left the streets. Varsity asks how that journey will proceed after Occupy.

Parents Conquer All

Parents are increasingly being seen as customers as education becomes more market-oriented. Some teachers in DSS schools believe this has led to greater pressure on teachers from pushy parents. By Billy Leung and Amy Leung

March 2013 – Hong Kong’s Coming Culture War

As our society becomes more fractious and divided we ask whether the culture war has arrived in Hong Kong. In the United States, the...

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Too Many International School Places

It is a misconception that Hong Kong doesn’t have enough international school places. In fact, there are too many, says Ruth Benny from Top Schools.

Eating with Caution

With 8 per cent of Hong Kong children suffering from allergies, many parents avoid giving their kids many types of food. Varsity explores why this may not be a good measure and how some allergy tests available in the market are actually useless.

Telling Hong Kong’s Story

The mainland Chinese government is in charge of Hong Kong's foreign affairs, but some Hongkongers think their views are not being represented and have taken on "civic diplomacy" to tell the world about Hong Kong, through organising city tours, as well as musical performances and protests abroad.