Open Information, Open Minds?

Does free information flow change political opinions of Mainlanders in Hong Kong? by Yan Li & Brian Wong Hui Kei, a 29-year-old freelance writer from Zhejiang...

Hong Kong Youth Pin Hopes on Localism

Almost 70 per cent of young Hongkongers support the localists, our survey finds. We look at how Secondary School students view the localists, and why they think localism is the way out for Hong Kong.

Nurses Flee Public System

Overworked and underpaid - that's how many nurses in Hong Kong's public hospitals feel and they are leaving the public sector and even the profession in high numbers. So far, Hospital Authority efforts to stem the exodus don't seem to be working. Varsity looks at the underlying reasons behind Hong Kong's nursing shortage.

Parents Conquer All

Parents are increasingly being seen as customers as education becomes more market-oriented. Some teachers in DSS schools believe this has led to greater pressure on teachers from pushy parents. By Billy Leung and Amy Leung

April 2013 – An Inhabitable City?

A recent survey by The Economist named Hong Kong as the most "liveable" city in the world. The S.A.R. also came in tenth in a...

White Sun Sets in Hong Kong

People and groups loyal to the Communist mainland and Nationalist Taiwan used to battle for influence in colonial Hong Kong. But as the economic and political clout of the People's Republic China has risen, support for the Kuomintang cause has waned. The KMT presence has become even more low-key after 1997 but Varsity finds there are still nationalist die-hards in the S.A.R.

April 2015 – Reimagining Public Space

With its skyscrapers and dense urban neighbourhoods, Hong Kong can seem claustrophobic at times - the only places people can gather to spend their leisure time or socialise tend to either require consumption or are overly restrictive. In this issue of Periscope, Varsity takes a look at how we conceive of and use public space in our city.

The Shifting Middle

Opinion polls consistently show that support for the Umbrella Movement is highest among young people who are more likely to get their news and information from social media. But what about older people? Varsity talks to some parents and working people about their views on the movement and how they get informed about it.

December 2011 – Forgotten but not gone

The December 2011 issue of Varsity looks at groups and issues that were once highly visible in Hong Kong, but have since faded from...

Hong Kong is Banned Book Paradise

In recent years, Hong Kong has become a shopping paradise for people from the mainland. They are eager to snap up genuine brands of everything from milk powder to toiletries and cosmetics. But there is another thing visitors are keen to buy - books that have been censored and banned back home.

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