The Wrong Mix

Each district has its own sports and recreational facilities, but what they have may not be what they need. Districts with ageing population don’t have much for the elderly, whereas others have gateball courts that are only used 40 per cent of the time.

December 2016 – That which divides us

At home and in the world at large, societies seem to be getting more polarised and many are seeing a pushback against globalisation. Boundaries are becoming more apparent. In this issue's Periscope, Varsity looks at the boundaries and divisions between different groups of people in Hong Kong society.

Divide and School

More and more elite schools are transformed into Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools which charge expensive tuition fees. Academics and educators express worry over grassroots students’ access to quality education which will affect their social mobility in the long run.

Luggage Full of Fear

Weekend getaways to mainland China have gained popularity among Hong Kong people in recent years. However, some travellers now have grown fear travelling to the Mainland over concerns of privacy and safety.

Shadow of White Terror

Hong Kong employees sense an atmosphere of fear which forces them to keep silent about their political stances as some of them are fired after expressing support for the city’s pro-democracy movement.

Students’ Fear of Learning Across the Border

Students’ fear of phone checks and interrogation by mainland officers amid the city’s month-long anti-government movement has sparked debate about the need of having attachment programmes in China. 

Hong Kong Youth Pin Hopes on Localism

Almost 70 per cent of young Hongkongers support the localists, our survey finds. We look at how Secondary School students view the localists, and why they think localism is the way out for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong after Occupy

More than a month after police teargas at protesters and tens of thousands of people took part in the occupation of areas in Admiralty, Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, the number of occupiers has fallen but many are still holding out to express their demand for what they see as true universal suffrage. Hong Kong's democratic journey did not begin with the Occupy Movement and it is unlikely to end once the occupiers have left the streets. Varsity asks how that journey will proceed after Occupy.

Support Sent from the ’80s

The anti-ELAB movement reminds Koreans of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising. Korean students and witnesses of the Gwangju Uprising share their story of freedom fight and their sympathy for the movement in Hong Kong.

Nov 2013 – Young People Speak Up

It seems that more and more young people in Hong Kong are taking an active interest in social and political issues in Hong Kong,...