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Reporters: Sandy Ho, Gienne Lee, Krizto Chan
Editor: Victor Chan

Motorbikes and scooters are a common enough sight in Hong Kong. Often they are ridden by couriers and delivery workers.

The sight of riders on large bikes, wearing matching uniforms bearing flashy Harley-Davison logos roaring through Tsim Sha Tsui are a rarer picture. Heads turn as the group zooms through the busy streets.

But this is no fearsome biker gang. It is a group of biking enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Physician Leung Kai-man is one of them. He says that contrary to the perception most motorbikers are uneducated, unsavoury types, the group includes doctors, businessmen, a choreography instructor, an architect and a coach. “We talk about everything at gatherings. It’s not only about motorbikes.”

Dr Leung adds their activities are not all about thrill-seeking,“We organized charity rides and asked for permission beforehand,” he says.

Dr Leung spends time and money on refitting his motorbikes – like repainting, upgrading engines and attaching logos. It is a labour of love but he does worry his passion for bikes might disturb the neighbours because the engines are so loud.

“The neighbors should come to get you!” jokes his wife, who like him is also a doctor and a biking enthusiast..

Dr Leung Man-ching says motorbikes do not have to be macho. They are also for women.

“Motorbiking is a lifestyle. It can be applied to fashion and everything,” she says as she shows off her collection of pink helmets and cutesy masks for motorbiking.